Around the Web – or Free (Legal) Reads

Not breaking news by any means, but Lois McMaster Bujold’s “Beguilement” (first in the Sharing Knife series) is available to read online for free during January.  And the first 20% of Ms Bujold’s “Horizon” (the fourth and final book in the Sharing Knife series) is also available here.

Also free (and Angie piqued my curiosity on this one) is Anna Godbersen’s “The Luxe”.  I personally think HarperCollins’ Browse Inside widget needs serious rethinking and/or redesigning, but if nothing else, it gives you a feel for the story and the writing.

As an aside, I’m sort of torn when it comes to reading excerpts for books I’ve been anticipating – part of me wants to gobble them up, but the other part prefers to wait because it sort of spoils me for the actual book when I do get my hands on it.  On the other hand, if it’s a series and/or author I’ve not read before, I almost need to read an excerpt before deciding if I want to purchase or not.

Back to free reads, Catherine Asaro posted her short story “The Spacetime Pool” on Facebook (public access).  It’s on the preliminary ballot for the Nebula Award – I’m definitely reading this one.


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