… due to a combination of work, a long weekend, and intermittent internet access.

Ah well.

I did stumble across a book sale though, and got Mary Stewart’s “Stormy Petrel” (one of the few not yet in my possession), Donna Andrews’ “We’ll Always have Parrots” (wanted to give her another go after reading her debut novel for the Dec TBR Day challenge) and Jane Lindskold’s “Child of a Rainless Year” (always meant to pick this up).

And now to catch up on the 1642 posts in my blog reader.


6 thoughts on “MIA…

  1. Jennie – I only flicked through the first few pages on the bus before having to put it down, but it seems like a nice setup. It looks relatively slim compared to her other books though.

  2. I miss you Li!!

    Intermittent access to internet sucks… but lucky about the long week-end 🙂

    and LOL, 1642 to catch up… I’m so anal about checking my google reader. Even on my trip to California last year, the maximum was 50 LOL.

    Book sale! Lucky 🙂

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