Books for February

4114F4Y9TuL._SL160_ 51EA4W-3yRL._SL160_ The big release this month for me is Patricia Briggs’ “Bone Crossed” (urban fantasy, Book 4 of the Mercy series).  After the events of the previous book, I can’t wait to see how things unfold in this one. Oh, and can I just say how jealous I am of everyone who has already read it?

After weighing up the chances of me stumbling across a copy in the bookstore in the week or so that Amazon will take to deliver, I’ve gone with the Amazon option.  Which probably means I should avoid the bookstore next weekend, because if I do see it, I’m not quite sure I’ll win the struggle against temptation. 

And as for the UK v. US cover debate?  The US one is incredibly striking, but I’ve been pragmatic and gone for the UK paperback version (which is also obviously a lot easier to obtain).  It’s actually not that bad if you don’t compare it against the US version!  Very similar in style to the previous three, and it’s very easy to tell they’re part of the same series.  Too easy perhaps?

Excerpt here (out Feb 3)


51TaarqJq0L._SL160_ On to other February releases, Eileen Wilks’ “Mortal Sins” (urban fantasy, Book 5 of the Lupi series) is also out.  Ms Wilks is another of my favourite UF authors, so February is obviously a good book month for me. 

Blurb here:

FBI agent Lily Yu is in North Carolina with her lover and mate Rule Turner, lu nuncio of the Nokolai werewolf clan, where he is to take custody of his son from the boy’s grandmother. It’s a purely personal trip until Rule, in wolf form, finds three bodies in a shallow grave. They carry the stench of death magic, which makes the murders a federal crime. Lily takes charge of the investigation, and soon realizes that nothing adds up—not the motives, not even the accused killer, who’s behind bars when death strikes again.

But murder, however bizarre, is an everyday affair for Lily, who was a homicide cop before being recruited into the FBI’s Magical Crimes Division. A more personal shock arrives in the person of Rule’s son’s mother. Why is she challenging Rule’s long standing plan to bring his son to live among the Nokolai?

As much as I enjoyed Cynna and Cullen, we’re back to Lily and Rule’s POVs, and I’m thinking the introduction of Rule’s son opens up quite a few possibilities!

Excerpt here (out Feb 3)


51AESg0Z6IL._SL160_ (1) Kelley Armstrong’s “Made to be Broken” (suspense, Book 2 of the Nadia Stafford series) is finally released as well.  This has been a long time in coming, since the first Nadia book was published back in June 2007 – or have we just been spoiled by prolific authors?  Seeing that Ms Armstrong released quite a few books during 2008, I’m not really complaining.

Anyway, the first book “Exit Strategy” introduced us to hitwoman Nadia Stafford, and while I was slightly dubious about having a killer-for-hire as the main protagonist, I ended up really liking it, IIRC.  Ms Armstrong makes it work – no surprise there!

Excerpt here (out Feb 24)


51a6FcXhjyL._SL160 “The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance” (anthology, edited by Trisha Telep) is also released this month in the UK.  Despite the cover (who on earth signed off on it??!), I’m getting it because contributors include Mary Jo Putney, Kelley Armstrong, Ilona Andrews, amongst many others.  I’ve the related anthology “The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance”, which I’ve dipped into now and again – “mammoth” is a rather good description for these books.

Out Feb 26 in the UK, April 13 for the US peeps


Also out is Nalini Singh’s e-novella “Angels’ Pawn” (released Feb 24).  This is an interesting one because it’s almost like a teaser for her first Guild Hunter novel “Angel’s Blood” (out March 2009) – a new publicity tactic?  Anyway, not sure if this is paranormal romance or urban fantasy – or sits on the borderline between the two.  I’ve enjoyed her Psy-Changeling books, and from what I’ve heard, this is shaping up to be an exciting new series.  Angels and vampires, what’s not to like?

Another February ebook release is Josh Lanyon and Laura Baumbach’s “Mexican Heat” (m/m romantic suspense, out Feb 6) – this is the first in the Crimes & Cocktails series.  I’ve loved his Adrien English series, so this is definitely on my must-get list.


As for the maybes:

51wK0AUH zL._SL160_ LJ Smith’s new book “The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Nightfall” (YA urban fantasy, out Feb 19) is a return to her Vampire Diaries series and the start of a new trilogy, as evidenced by the number of colons in that title  ;-)  I’m tempted, but it’s been a while since I read the original series.  I actually bought the re-released versions, but they’re sitting in the depths of my TBR pile, and I’m thinking I should really re-read them before getting the latest.



51HgN0JvrjL._SL160_ Jacqueline Winspear’s “Among the Mad” (historical mystery, Book 6 of the Maisie Dobbs series) is the latest in her series set in 1930s London, and will be released Feb 17 in the US.  I read the previous book, “An Incomplete Revenge”, in December, and like the other books, really enjoyed the period feel and setting.  However, it’s only released in the UK in June, and I’m not sure if I like it enough to get the US version (though I love the cover).  I’ll probably wait for this one.  Excerpt here.


Hmm… that is probably it for me this month – more than enough, I would say!


12 thoughts on “Books for February

  1. Looking forward to Bone Crossed as well… especially after seeing it at the bookstore and not giving in to temptation (cost, you know…). As for the cover, I have to go with the US one 🙂 as you said, very striking.

    Got Mortal Sins yesterday. I haven’t read the one with Cynna and Cullen and wonder if I should go back to read it… hmmm.

    I’m thinking of reading Exit Strategy… it’s been languishing in my TBR pile ever since it came out. Like you, I’m a bit dubious as a hitman for an heroine… This was supposed to come out in 2008, but because of her busy schedule it was pushed back to this year… which turns out to be a very prolific year as well! So cool 🙂

    I wasn’t aware of the e-novella by Ms Singh… Hmmm, gotta look into it. I’m going to try and put up the books I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

  2. Nath – The previous Lupi book was very much Cynna/Cullen’s story, not much Lily and Rule, IIRC. I don’t *think* it has to be read beforehand, then again, I haven’t gotten hold of Mortal Sins yet!

    Angie – Part of me secretly wants to find Bone Crossed this weekend. Is that bad? 😀

    Marg – Nadia’s an interesting character, isn’t she? Somehow you end up rooting for her.

  3. Lisa – Oh, it definitely was a difficult decision to go with the Amazon order. It had better arrive next week, that’s all I can say.

    Angie – LOL, I may just get to the point when I figure having two copies of Bone Crossed is fine.

    Lesley – That is true, and that’ll mean a full matching set of Mercy books! Good thinking 😉

  4. Christine – Bone Crossed must be one of the most anticipated books in this corner of blogland! Ahhh, I feel for you, hope you get a chance to stop by the bookstore soon-ish.

  5. My copy of Bone Crossed arrived today from Amazon 🙂 It looks good.

    Exit Strategy is in my TBR pile. I have so many books to read and yet I keep buying new books. There are just so many good books coming out….

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