Snow Day!

Okay, I know there will be people out there laughing at this, but London apparently has had its worst snowfall for 18 years… a whole 8 inches of snow!  And this means practically everything everywhere has ground to a halt.

I managed to get to work this morning, slipping and sliding every now and again.  It was annoying because the snow somehow makes everything look beautiful, but I couldn’t admire the views because I was more concerned with staying on my feet!  Got to the office, and I really shouldn’t have made the effort because only around 2 in 10 people made it in today – everyone else logged on from home and pretty much all meetings were cancelled.  And we were then told to leave early if we could, because there is apparently more snow on its way later today.  So I’m back home, enjoying the views from indoors, which is probably the best place to be at the moment!

So this has left me free to think about my latest purchase: a new bookcase!  Way overdue, this one.  Anyway, instead of having my TBR books piled haphazardly in a corner, I’m thinking of transferring them to the bookcase.  However, I can’t quite decide if they should go on the top shelf (where I can then see them everyday and actually make some inroads) or the bottom shelf (so that I can then have my keepers occupying the place of honour on the top shelf).

Any thoughts?


9 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. The snow, the snow! Ana’s flight home from Brazil to London was delayed and she’s now in Portugal due to the snow storm 😛 Incredible!

    Well, at least you got out of work for the day! Hooray for the new bookcase 🙂 I’d say but the TBR books on the top shelf–they keep you honest by making you feel guilt every time you pass them up for new books. In one of my bookcases, my favorites are all lined at the top, but then the other two are double stacked with TBR reads along the coveted top shelves. Sigh.

  2. The snow is oh-so-pretty. Even in Liverpool there’s a nice, think carpet of it, and that apparently never happens.

    But… *cries* I need to fly to Bilbao from Stansted tomorrow! I’m wondering if I should even try to make the Liverpool – Stansted trip. I’ve already rebooked my train ticket for 2 hours earlier than I would normally have travelled, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be all in vain 😦

  3. Oh, lucky you!!! I wished we had more snow days, but then, LOL, we’d probably need a meter ^_^;

    Personally, i say you go with the bottom shelves for your TBR pile. cos if not, what are you going to put at the bottom? Your keepers? Not really the place, no?

  4. Thea – Incredible scenes yesterday, it was amazing! Today the snow’s getting slushy and muddy, so not that pretty anymore. And everyone’s just sliding all over the place.

    Rosario – Oh no, that is bad timing! Hope you made your flight.

    Nath – I was thinking the middle shelf for the keepers 😉 Or my other bookcase. Ahh decisions.

  5. I love snow days. So much that if I were to make a list of twenty of my most favorite things… snow days would be there. Of course, I’m a stay-at-home mom, so I don’t have to deal with trying to commute to the office in it… that might influence my love of snow, right?

    Congrats on the new bookshelves! I say put the keepers on the shelf at your eye-level. TBR stuff at top and the so-so keepers at the bottom. My so-so keepers only turn to non-keepers when someone shows interest in the book. Then I just give it to them. 🙂

    Did you at least throw a snowball? If not, you should… 😉

  6. Nath – Heh. I may be over-thinking this, but having so much new shelf space is fantastic 😀

    Christine – Having a snow day was such a novelty! Yes, definitely did the snowballs, and my neighbours were making snow angels 🙂

    But the walk to the station this morning was like negotiating an obstacle course, they haven’t gritted the side roads, and it was a matter of inching forward very slowly and praying for the best! It was quite hilarious because everyone was doing the same thing…

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