Another UK v. US Cover


I swung past the bookstores today, and while I didn’t see Patricia Briggs’ “Bone Crossed” on the shelves (and no, my Amazon order hasn’t shipped yet), I did see this book (right) in the SF/F section.

51aCu4XCO3L._SL160_ I thought it looked vaguely familiar, and had a closer look – yep, it’s Elizabeth Vaughan’s “Dagger-Star”, not just with a different title and cover art, but also with the author’s name changed from Elizabeth to Beth.

519AJZRLx2L._SL160_ Am wondering what the reason for the change is; while US and UK versions do have different cover art quite often (and also different titles to a lesser extent), the author’s name tends to remain the same.  Especially since Ms Vaughan’s previous Warprize trilogy was released here under her full name.



6 thoughts on “Another UK v. US Cover

  1. That’s really strange. You’d think they’d want consistency for name recognition’s sake. I have to say, the Warprize and Red Gloves covers are much prettier than Dagger-Star and US version of Warprize.
    The Dagger-star cover always reminded me of Zena, Warrior Princess. lol

  2. If I’m not wrong, Red Gloves was supposed to be the original title for Dagger-Star. I think that Berkley decided to change the title at the last minute – White Star was listed 2 years ago as White Robe.

    I don’t really know the reason for the change… although both names fit well. as for the author’s name, that’s a mystery. I know that Ms Vaughan signs her blog as Beth…

  3. Renee – I think the UK covers are more atmospheric than the US ones, esp for Dagger-Star/Red Gloves. The Dagger-Star cover reminds me of UF covers for some reason, probably due to having a female character in leather (?) wielding weapons.

    Nath – Interesting, I wonder why they went with Dagger-Star instead? Though I suppose if the second book is White Star, that sort of fits with the series naming convention. I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to get WS, will wait for the reviews, methinks.

  4. Well, I think they decide that Star was a good name for the series as well… LOL, I mean, when you refer to this series, you’ll probably say the Star trilogy… if the titles were still Red Gloves and White Robe, LOL, garment trilogy? Anyway, Dagger Star does fit the first book 🙂 I wonder about the third book though… hmmm.

  5. Nath – I was thinking that myself! I suppose the Star trilogy sounds much better 🙂

    Marg – No, I was trying to think of other examples myself and couldn’t. A couple of title changes did come to mind though, Diana Gabaldon’s CrossStitch v. Outlander and one of Richelle Mead’s Succubus books.

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