*happy dance*

My copy of Patricia Briggs’ “Bone Crossed” arrived today!  I couldn’t resist opening the book even though I had to go out in half an hour, and it was soooo difficult to put the book down.

In other good book news, Lois McMaster Bujold’s “Horizon” has started appearing in ebook format despite originally having a March release date.  About time too.

And finally, I came across this cool PDF metadata editor, BeCyPDFMetaEdit.  If you’re as anal as me, while I love it when authors/publishers provide free ebooks, the PDF ones drive me nuts because there’s no way I can edit the author or title when I upload it into my Sony Reader library.  And for some reason, metadata in PDFs is very rarely correct.  So I had around ten or so PDF ebooks sitting on my hard drive because I err… didn’t want to have rubbish titles and author names on my Reader (I did say I was anal about this).  Now with this software, it is incredibly easy to get the author and title right (obviously only works on non-DRM’d files)

Disclaimer: I’ve just used it for an hour or so, and it all looks good (i.e. my computer hasn’t gone mad and started surfing pr0n sites) but it’s still early days.

Okay, off to “Bone Crossed” now  😉


7 thoughts on “*happy dance*

  1. I rejoice with you because my copy of BONE CROSSED came in today too! The librarian told me she had one of my requested books, and when she held up BONE CROSSED, I almost jumped over the desk to get it! 🙂 I also made her laugh when I told her she was my favorite person of the day! I started it and am loving it.

  2. Ugh, I ordered my copy of Bone Crossed last Monday and thought it would come on Friday (I had two other packages that arrived on Friday…), but Bone Crossed wasn’t part of it ^_^; I thought they screwed up my order, so went to buy Bone Crossed in-store.

    anyway, long story short, I finished it this morning and really enjoyed it!! 🙂

  3. Loved Bone Crossed. I was lucky enough to have my book signed by Patricia Briggs in a Borders last Monday. She was awesome. She is a very nice lady with humourous stories. I was surprised how accommodating she was with some of the freaky fans. When I say freaky, I mean it. I looked at some of these people and I admit, I’m judgmental.

    My favourite questions was from the girl asking, “So, did you notice on page 160 (around there) that you wrote incorrectly that Sam was the older brother?” I recall that was the question or the other way around. All I could thing was, real good, point out the author’s mistakes. That’s going to put her in a good mood.

    Then when not everyone else had a chance, the same girl goes, “what’s with the walking stick? why is it always in her BED? I mean that is kind of weird, isn’t it?” Ms. Briggs was nice of enough to take that into consideration and not have it happen again in the future. Or at least that is what she said. Personally, I’m not a nice person. I’d have answered the girl with, “well, it is a WOODEN stick. What do you think the sex deprived Mercy is going to do with it?” We, actually, Mercy is no longer sex deprived . . .

    Oh, and a spoiler . . . next book there is a potential wedding. Ms. Briggs let it slip by accident. It is supposed to go that way, but it may not now because someone tricked her into revealing it.

  4. CJ – Love love love. You have to read #3! 😀

    Karen W – LOL, I so would have done that too. I’m sure your librarian understands!

    Nath – Heh. If my order hadn’t arrived this weekend, I would have given serious consideration to buying a copy instore.

    La Crimson Femme – Wow, am jealous that you managed to make a signing and see her in person! She always comes across as being really nice online, so I’m not surprised that she’s the same IRL. Interesting spoiler…

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