Busy Busy Busy

I’ve had an incredibly mad week at work.  Though we are expecting some major announcements next week (job cuts anyone?), so I’m guessing that being busy is better than sitting around doing nothing.  Errmm.  Let’s see.

So anyway, I missed Keishon’s TBR Challenge this week.  For the first time ever.  Am slightly annoyed with myself, seeing that I had the book picked out and everything, but it just didn’t happen.

I have so far read a grand total of four books in February and there is only one more week in this month.  I’m doing rather dismally.

I have bought the anthology “The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance” though, and in the interest of actually providing some useful information on my blog this week (as opposed to having a general moan), here’s the link to its Table of Contents, listing author and story.  Plus a few pages of Carrie Vaughn’s contribution.

And because this is something I like to know, of the stories I’ve read so far written by authors I’m familiar with:

  • Ms Vaughn’s story is very possibly set in the same world as her Kitty books, but there’s no crossover
  • Kelley Armstrong’s “Paranormal Romance Blues”: Otherworld setting, and Cassandra and Aaron make a cameo appearance
  • Ilona Andrews’ “Grace of Small Magics”: New world (love the title!)

And ummm… that’s it.  I did say I really hadn’t read that much this month. 

Okay, I skimmed the others:

  • Rachel Caine’s story features Joanne and David (and its title is “Blue Crush: A Weather Warden story”)
  • I didn’t recognise any of the characters in Meljean Brook’s contribution so it may or may not be a Guardian story (this is so helpful)
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon’s story mentions Avalon, so it must be set in her Lords of Avalon series which I haven’t read
  • Maria V Snyder’s story has a contemporary setting, so it’s not set in her Study world
  • Mary Jo Putney’s story “The Tuesday Enchantress” (love this title too) has “A Guardian Story” as the subtitle, but a contemporary setting so I’m slightly confused.  Possibly featuring a descendant from her historical series.


Any other questions, feel free to ask.

6 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy

  1. Hi Li!!! *waves*

    Missed you!! Being busy sucks, but in these times, yes, it’s better 😛 February has been so so to me as well.

    I think that this month, the TBR challenge suffered a bit… didn’t see as many reviews as usual.

    As for the The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance, I have to say, i’m a bit hesitant… Is it worth it?

    • I’m still catching up on blog posts. Really behind.

      Ummm… I think the anthology is pretty good value for money – it’s priced as a mass paperback, and so much better than other anthologies that are released in hardcover.

      However, having only read a few stories so far, I don’t think I’m in a position to say yes or no. I liked the Kelley Armstrong and Ilona Andrews ones, but not sure if they’re worth the entire book…

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