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Sherwood Smith blogs about jury reading for the 2008 Andre Norton Award, and gives some good recs for YA science fiction and fantasy books.  I’m definitely going to be looking up all the ones she’s mentioned.

9781849010436 Check out this followup to last year’s “Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance” (out in August this year).  This time it’s called “Love Bites”, and contributors include Karen Chance and Eileen Wilks.  This will be an autobuy for me. 

And it’s no secret that I love Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments trilogy (the final one “City of Glass” is out next month and I can’t wait).  Here’s a short story that’s been out awhile, it’s part of Baen’s “Turn the Other Chick” anthology, and called “The Girl’s Guide to Defeating the Dark Lord” (you may have to click on #5 in the navigator bar).  A fun and tongue-in-cheek take on a princess being rescued from the evil Dark Wizard.  Sort of.


4 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. Thanks for the link to Sherwood Smith’s blog about jury reading for the Andre Norton award. I’ve got a bunch more books to find now. Considering how many books I have to read already maybe that’s not such a good thing. Finding good books and new authors always has to be a good thing though. 🙂

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