Books for March

I can’t believe we’re already well into March.  What happened to February?

There are quite a few new releases I’m planning on getting this month:

51qM3v6Y2KL._SL160_ Anne Bishop’s “The Shadow Queen” (dark fantasy):  I’m one of her many Black Jewels fans and can’t wait to revisit this world.  “The Shadow Queen” follows the descendants of the main h/h in “The Invisible Ring” (a standalone Black Jewels novel), which happens to be one of my favourites – so yay!

And the back cover blurb sounds great:

Dena Nehele is a land decimated by its past. Once it was ruled by corrupt Queens who were wiped out when the land was cleansed of tainted Blood. Now, only one hundred Warlord Princes stand—without a leader and without hope…

Theran Grayhaven is the last of his line, desperate to find the key that reveals a treasure great enough to restore Dena Nehele. But first he needs to find a Queen who knows Protocol, remembers the Blood’s code of honor, and lives by the Old Ways.

Languishing in the Shadow Realm, Lady Cassidy is a Queen without a court, a castoff. She is not beautiful. She thinks she is not strong. But when she is chosen to rule Dena Nehele, she must convince bitter men to serve once again.

Theran’s cousin Gray is a Warlord Prince who was damaged in mind and body by the vicious Queens who once ruled Dena Nehele. Yet something about Cassidy makes him want to serve—and makes him believe he can be made whole once again.

And only Cassidy can prove to Gray—and to herself—that wounds can heal and even the whisper of a promise can be fulfilled.

Excerpt here (out now)


518h68WxCdL._SL160_ Cassandra Clare’s “City of Glass” (YA urban fantasy):  I’ve mentioned before how much I like Ms Clare’s Mortal Instruments books, and “City of Glass” wraps up the trilogy.  I’ve even ordered the US version, because the UK release is only in July (I hate it when publishers do that).  While I’ve had to shell out for the US hardcover price, I get the added benefit of the much better US cover (left) – I really hope the UK version (right) looks better IRL because at the moment, the only positive thing I can think of is that it will probably stand out on the shelves!

Excerpt here (out March 24, July 6 UK)


51IdzKI1TYL._SL160_ Ilona Andrews’ “Magic Strikes” (urban fantasy):  I wasn’t completely sold on the first book in this series (“Magic Bites”) and so took a while to get around to the second, “Magic Burns”.  And then I got really excited about this series  🙂

The covers have been good so far, and this one is no exception.

Excerpt here (out March 31)


51FOQDKj2nL._SL160_ 51U3eRs-NhL._SL160_Deanna Raybourn’s “Silent on the Moor” (historical mystery):  I loved the first two Lady Julia Grey novels (“Silent in the Grave” and “Silent in the Sanctuary” respectively) and can’t wait to read this one.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for lots of Brisbane, and based on the back cover blurb, I suspect I won’t be disappointed.

Despite his admonitions to stay away, Lady Julia arrives in Yorkshire to find Brisbane as remote and maddeningly attractive as ever. Cloistered together, they share the moldering house with the proud but impoverished remnants of an ancient family—the sort that keeps their bloodline pure and their secrets close. Lady Allenby and her daughters, dependent upon Brisbane and devastated by their fall in society, seem adrift on the moor winds, powerless to change their fortunes. But poison does not discriminate between classes….
A mystery unfolds from the rotten heart of Grimsgrave, one Lady Julia may have to solve alone, as Brisbane appears inextricably tangled in its heinous twists and turns. But blood will out, and before spring touches the craggy northern landscape, Lady Julia will have uncovered a Gypsy witch, a dark rider and a long-buried legacy of malevolence and evil.

Oh, and I think in the battle of US v. UK covers, it’s US 2 UK 0.  This is a pink travesty.

Excerpt here (out now US, June 19 UK)


51PNBLPIiLL._SL160_ Nalini Singh’s “Angel’s Blood” (paranormal romance):  Ms Singh’s Psy-Changeling paranormal romance books are autobuys for me, so getting this one is a no-brainer for me.  Reviews so far have generally been really positive too.  I still haven’t bought the e-novella that came out a couple of weeks back, “Angel’s Pawn”, so maybe I’ll get that before reading “Angel’s Blood”.

Excerpt here (out now)

8 thoughts on “Books for March

  1. Hi Li!!

    How are you doing?!? 🙂 Not too many releases this month, right? I got the new Anne Bishop, just not in the mood yet to read it. Sigh.

    The US cover of City of Glass is much nicer!!

    Sigh, still need to read Ilona Andrews ^_^; Maybe it could be my TBR challenge 🙂

    Hope you enjoy the Nalini Singh 🙂

    • Hey Nath – I read the Anne Bishop over the weekend, it’s not a proper standalone like “The Invisible Ring” was. I would love for her to write a story with brand-new characters but still set in the Black Jewels universe – as much as I love Daemon and Lucivar, I think it would be refreshing to have new relationships in the mix.

    • I think you’re right – I have heard that the next book is a sequel to this one. I suspect the sequel will be more of a follow-on to this book, as opposed to finishing off an overarching plotline, because this was pretty self-contained, IMO.

      ETA: I realised I sound as though I’m contradicting myself – when I said it wasn’t a proper standalone before, I meant that I think a reader new to Ms Bishop’s Black Jewels books wouldn’t have fully appreciated the whole Daemon-Janelle-Saetan-Lucivar interplay.

  2. I am getting so tired of the UK/US release date disparity.

    Plus Amazon UK seems to be developing real problems with getting hold of the books I want. They seem to come up to release date and then are “currently not available”.

    • I know – I don’t mind as much for CoG, as I much prefer the US cover, but it is frustrating! It’s bad enough when it’s a month or so, but there’s been a three month lag or more for others lately.

      I find myself buying more at The Book Depository lately, I think they’re becoming a real competitor for Amazon.

  3. Heyy!!
    im up to City of Ashes on the TMI series and all i can say is that i LOVE it!!
    no book could possibly be better.
    the series actually got me back into reading.

    =[ i dont want the series to end……..

    anyways i think i might try out some other books u have read since u have read city of bones.

    • Ashlee – I just posted about getting “City of Glass” in the post today 🙂

      If you’re into urban fantasy, I would suggest trying Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series or LJ Smith’s books.

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