Another Trip Down Memory Lane

January was the month for glomming LM Montgomery stories, now March has me rediscovering my Chalet School titles!

I stumbled across Girls Gone By Publishers while looking up something else (don’t ask what, because I can’t remember), and realised they owned the copyright to Elinor M Brent-Dyer’s Chalet School books and were reprinting some of the more obscure ones.  Now I loved these when I was a kid and couldn’t resist ordering one, despite the rather expensive prices – £12 for a trade paperback, but you get the full unabridged edition (I never realised the Armada paperbacks were apparently heavily abridged) plus an essay and short story.

So I ordered “Two Sams at the Chalet School” (one of the later ones set when Len Maynard is the Head Girl, for those who are familiar with the series) and wow, did it bring back memories.  I remember being totally fascinated with the concept of boarding school and how it seemed like so much fun; in hindsight I would probably have hated it!

I have since discovered the CBB forums, which have really in-depth discussions on the various books and lots of information regarding the whys and wherefores of various Chalet School traditions and peculiarities, and am completely engrossed in reading through the various threads.

And that’s why this blog has been rather quiet lately.


6 thoughts on “Another Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. Oh, I love my Chalet School books. I’ve been replacing my abridged paperbacks with the GGBP editions as I can and it gives me great satisfaction each time I get another one to add to the collection.

    Do have fun with your rereading. I might have to go and take a look at the BB you mentioned.

  2. Kerry – Oh yay! Another Chalet School fan. I’ve caved and ordered another two GGBP books. This could turn out to be rather expensive.

    The boards are fantastic – def worth reading if you’ve time to spare. I spent ages reading the Anything Else threads.

    Nath – I’m loving it! Except the TBR challenge is due this Wed, and while I have read a TBR book recently, it doesn’t fit into the historical category, so I’m debating whether I should review it or read and review a historical. Decisions!

  3. Sharry – I know. Something that didn’t really strike me when I first read the CS books was the time period they were set in, now it’s really interesting reading between the lines and having a peek at the social mores of those times.

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