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510CGKLV3pL._SL160_ Two new Sharon Shinn books in October – one is “Quatrain”… and we have a cover!  This one has stories set in the worlds of “Archangel”, “Heart of Gold”, “Summers at Castle Auburn” (yay!), and “Mystic and Rider”, according to her website.

Also, a new YA fantasy (I’m guessing) called “Gateway”, no cover yet unfortunately!


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  1. Angie – I’ve to say I can’t really remember much about “Heart of Gold”, maybe I’ll do a re-read before this book comes out. But I adore the other three worlds.

    Nath – Which Shinn books have you read so far? IIRC, you weren’t keen on Archangel!

    Kailana – I think I pretty much glommed all of her backlist within a couple of months, I just love her writing no matter what she writes.

  2. Hi there! I thought I’d drop by and give you another April recommendation. I see you haven’t read Nina Bangs yet. She is a fun author to read. She is a lighter version of Sherrilynn Kenyon. I recommend you try her latest series, the Gods of the Night. This is more than just your standard vampires, werewolves, demons and supernatural beings. This even involves aliens. (Sorry, had to provide the spoiler).

    The latest book is called Eternal Craving. It is light reading with some delicious bad boys for men. The leader, Fin is the ultimate woman’s wet dream. 🙂 Take a look when you get the chance.

  3. I read the first one in the Archangel series, did skim through the second one. There was also a fantasy book I’ve tried not too long ago. Thirteenth House – meh.

    • Ahhh… Thirteenth House is the 2nd in a series, so probably not the best standalone. I will have to think about which Shinn book may convince you – maybe the third Samaria one (“The Alleluia Files”), which actually is the one I started off with, IIRC.

  4. That’s an awesome cover, and I can’t wait to read another story in the Samaria universe… those are my favorite of Sharon Shinn’s, and it’s funny because I’ve read her other series and books and I didn’t like those as much.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    • Emily, I adore her Samaria books. I think I’ve read somewhere that she has no plans to write a new full-length novel in that world, which is a real shame. “Summers at Castle Auburn” is my favourite Shinn standalone novel by a mile though, so I am so looking forward to this collection.

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