How Many Books…

I used to be the sort of person who only ever read one book at a time (then again, I also never ever had a TBR pile – I blame book blogging).

Now at the moment, I’m reading:

Catherine Asaro’s “Diamond Star” (SF, part of her Skolian Empire series):  I picked this up at Baen’s Webscription ebook store (I love Baen’s pricing policy, btw – $6 for an ebook, even when it’s in hardcover).  I’m about one-third through at the moment, and have mixed feelings.  I definitely want to finish it, but I’ve got a really really bad feeling that Del’s going to mess things up for himself and something’s going to go badly wrong before the payoff at the end? 

Lisa Shearin’s “The Trouble with Demons” (fantasy, Book 3 in the Raine Benares series):  I started this a couple of nights ago when I was looking for an excuse to put down “Diamond Star” for a while, and wanted a light easy read.  However, I’m finding it slightly difficult to get into this because – and I am being picky – there are some phrases that I feel are repetitive, and now that I’ve noticed, they sort of jump out at me.  It’s like when someone says don’t think of pink elephants and then all you can think of are pink elephants.  So I’m putting Raine and Tam and Mychael aside for a bit.

Also, I’ve sort of started JD Robb’s “Salvation in Death” (futuristic romantic suspense) and Mike Shepherd’s “Intrepid” (military SF) – “sort of” meaning I’m at least one chapter in but haven’t yet committed fully to the book  ;-)  There are also the anthologies I picked up last month, I’m still slowly making my way through them (and a massive collection of Agatha Christie short stories).

And finally *deep breath* I just bought Kelley Armstrong’s “The Awakening” (YA urban fantasy, 2nd in her Darkest Powers trilogy), and well, had to start reading it on my way home – hey, there were delays on the line! 

My plan of attack?  Finish the Kelley Armstrong, then the Catherine Asaro (I think I just need to get on with it!) – and then re-evaluate where I am…

How many books do you normally have on the go?

14 thoughts on “How Many Books…

  1. I just love Catherine Asaro’s books, but I tend to put off reading thing for just that reason. Bad, messy things happen before the end and because they get to me so much, I’m kind of scared of them as much as I love them.

    I couldn’t wait to get The Ruby Dice, and then I let it sit on my TBR shelf for six months before I got up the courage to read it (Jai – who I just adore – among the Aristos didn’t promise to be puppies and flowers). I loved it, but remain kind of scared of it.

    I’m waiting to pick up my copy of Diamond Star next week (I did buy the ebook, but want to read the hardcover first – I try to get my “keeper” books in both formats).

    • Oh, but such a payoff in The Ruby Dice – it brought together the open threads in the past few books so satisfyingly. I loved. And yes, I remember reading the last few pages with my heart in my mouth because I honestly didn’t know what would happen.

      I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but when we both eventually get around to finishing Diamond Star, we can discuss 🙂

      • Oh, I agree the pay-off was perfect. (Now I just want Jai to find out his parents didn’t die after all.) It’s just that going through the experience scares me. Out of all proportion to reality 🙂

        But I think I’ll start Diamond Star as soon as I can. The earliest I can pick it up is Wednesday, but it’s nearly an hour’s drive, so if I don’t feel up to doing it on my own I’ll have to wait until Saturday when hubby can probably be talked into driving me over.

        I want to reread the whole Skolian series in chronological order rather than publication order, but I haven’t got up the energy to try yet.

        But I admit that I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to my reading. I have a whole bunch of books (especially Elizabeth’s Hayon’s Rhapsody books and The Summer Queen by Joan D. Vinge) that I really want to read by keep putting off starting because it feels like it will all be too hard. I read easier things that I don’t want to read as much instead.

        I look forward to discussing Diamond Star with you.

      • That would be interesting (the re-read I mean). Jo Walton recently did a re-read of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series on, but I can’t remember whether it was chronological or publication order. I think the latter. I am in awe of authors who can release non-sequential books (internal timeline-wise), yet they all make complete sense chronologically.

        And I’m thinking about restarting Diamond Star tonight, esp with Thea’s reassurance below 😉

    • Fantasy? I’ve been more on an urban fantasy kick, and have loved the latest books from the usual suspects such as Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher, Karen Chance…

      More traditional fantasy – also Patricia Briggs’ older books and Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series. I’ve also just bought Brandon Sanderson’s final book in his Mistborn trilogy.

      I think I need more info about who you’ve already read 🙂

  2. Li! Do you want to buddy review The Awakening with me? I think you’re going to enjoy this one! I think it’s better than Summoning + it doesn’t end with a cliff hanger!!

    I bought it on Thursday and read it in one night! It was quite good and quite a few twists in it 🙂

    As for reading books. I usually read one book at the time. I’m a quick reading and have a good attention span 🙂

  3. I read DIAMOND STAR and…yeah, I had mixed feelings, but generally liked the book. (Though, keep in mind it was my first Catharine Asaro book!) It’s very much a rock star story with usual pitfalls, but there’s enough emotional payoff at the end to make it worth it. IMO, of course 😉 I wrote a review for it on a 3rd party site, I’ll let you know if and when it goes up 😉

    • Thea – Funny, I was wondering when I was reading Diamond Star whether it would be a good intro to her Skolian Empire series. I was actually leaning towards “no”, because hmmm…. I thought the references to Del’s family would come across as too indulgent to new readers, without knowing the backstory to a lot of events?



      I’m thinking Del is slightly too Mary Sue-ish, but I’m still pretty early on in the book. And I just love this series anyway 🙂

      Definitely let me know when your review goes up – I am curious to hear your in-depth thoughts on it!

  4. Oh, and I agree with you on the repetitiveness of TTWD, but rest assured it does get better. Definitely take a break, read the new YA Kelley Armstrong (squeeeee I cannot wait to get started on it), finish DIAMOND STAR and then come back to it 🙂

    Oh, and I usually have two books going on at the same time, max.

    • Re TTWD, I had the same issues when reading the first book actually, but liked the ending enough to pick up the second. I then really liked the second book (and can’t remember having the same reaction)… and now am slightly annoyed with the third! I will take your word that it gets better though 🙂

      Oh, and I forgot to say in my previous comment, the other reason why I was wondering whether Diamond Star would be a good intro to the series was because the plot is very much Earth-bound (so far anyway) and missing the Skolian/Aristo politics and relationships that is one of the highlights of this series for me.

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