Me = Bad Blogger

Real life completely gets in the way. 

Ah, anyway, bank holiday weekend – hurray!  Dawdling home, I decided to stop by the library (rare occurrence, trust me) and came out with these two books:

210vUxkSmML._SL160_ John Scalzi’s “The Last Colony” (military SF):  I have the first two books in this very loose trilogy (or is it a series now that “Zoe’s Tale” is out?), but for some reason, never quite got around to getting this one.


The other book I grabbed was the UF anthology “Many Bloody Returns”, edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni Kelner.  I don’t *think* I have this – I say think because I have pretty much lost track of the anthologies I own!  Apart from the named authors on the cover (Charlaine Harris herself, Jim Butcher, and Kelley Armstrong), other MBR contributors I recognise are PN Elrod, Rachel Caine, and Tanya Huff.

So plenty to read this weekend.  But… Roland Garros also gets underway tomorrow!  I will definitely be watching – anyone else?


6 thoughts on “Me = Bad Blogger

  1. Hey Li!! 🙂 Glad to see you post 😀 Everyone is a bad blogger once in a while 🙂 We all have RL interfering – which is so frustrating!

    Enjoy your long week-end! 🙂 and I’m going to take some glimpse at the RG… The women side is going to be more exciting, because there’s no clear favorite… as for the men, pfft. I’m so tired of Rafael Nadal…

    Lleyton Hewitt came back 2 set down to win it in 5!! Go Lleyton!! (I know he’s past his prime, but what can I say :P)

  2. Yay, you’re back! I got excited when I saw a new entry in my reader 🙂 Real Life can be so infuriatingly meddlesome :p

    Glad to see you around, and can’t wait to see what new books you get read. And…nath, I loves me some Lleyton too 😉

  3. Nath – I’ve RG on in the background right now, Nadal’s come out in a neon pink shirt and flourescent yellow head/wristbands. What happened to his pirate attire?!!

    Lleyton’s win is pretty impressive but a five-setter in the first round doesn’t quite bode well. I hope he has enough time to recover!

    Thea – I have been rubbish at blogging this month. Umm… past few months. I’ve a major work project which will hopefully be delivered in the next couple of weeks, then I can take a couple of deep breaths and figure out what next.

  4. Well Lleyon is not known for his clay playing, so I think he’ll take whatever round he makes to. The guy is known to play a lot of 5-setters… and well, unfortunately, he’s past his prime… so it’s just fun to see him win and not go out in the first round… and did you see who he was playing against?!? The opponent fired 55 aces!?!?! incredible.

    Nadal never had any taste. Sad.

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