Ack – And a Couple of Links

I am so bad at remembering to return library books on time.  Which means it is probably a good thing I don’t borrow that many.  I’ve managed to renew one online, but someone else has put a hold on the second so I will have to cough up 10p tomorrow.  If I remember to bring it when I go out tomorrow.

Anyway, a couple of links of interest:

Borders have started what they are rather misleadingly calling an SF blog, Babel Clash.  I say misleading because the recent two contributors are Brandon Sanderson and Kim Harrison, both of whom write fantasy.

Speaking of Kim Harrison, she has formally confirmed she also writes as Dawn Cook in the May Locus magazine (which is billed as their urban fantasy issue).  I don’t think the magazine is distributed overseas, but there are some excerpts from her interview here

I have heard (and mentioned) the rumour that this was the case, but it has never been confirmed before.  I’m slightly surprised that she’s waited so long to come out, so to speak – there are so many authors out there who write under different pseudonyms (and don’t hide that fact) that it’s not really an issue at all. 

The magazine also has an interview with Patricia Briggs – again excerpts here.  There is an interesting quote when she talks about what she perceives as the difference between paranormal romance and urban fantasy:

You could take the romance out of any of my books and still have a book, with a plot and characters and things, but if you took magic out the book would fall apart. That’s the big difference between the paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

To me, that’s an interesting way of differentiating between the two.  I would say, though, that I’m not sure I would be such a big fan of her Mercy Thompson books if she took the romance – and romantic tension – out of her books, because they’re part of the reason I love the series so much.  Then again, that’s probably the romance fangirl in me.

Marjorie Liu is another author featured in the May issue, by the way.  It definitely sounds like a good one – has anyone read the full magazine?


10 thoughts on “Ack – And a Couple of Links

  1. I used to crop up such a huge late fee for my library books, it was no laughing matter! Luckily I don’t borrow as many at once anymore – the librarian used to stare and stare with disbelief haha

  2. I find it rather odd that vampire fiction is lumped into the fantasy genre–especially on websites like amazon. Fantasy, to me, urban or otherwise, is dragons and magic, stuff well and truly out of this world an inexplicable by science (to differentiate it from SF). I feel like there should be a paranormal category too, for books that are of this world, but the world has been a little warped…Am I being too picky?

    BTW, does your library send out email notifications when your books are nearly due? I find them a godsend! My mum sticks her due sate slips on the fridge. We are library-whores (for want of a better description!) and would owe a small fortune if we weren’t careful!

  3. Sharry – What annoys me is that it is entirely my own forgetfulness that is costing me money. It’s not a massive amount of money by any means, but it’s still something I really shouldn’t have to spend on. I did end up borrowing two more today when I stopped by to return my late book – this could be a slippery slope!

    Rhiannon – Hmmm… I may have to look into the email reminders, I’m not sure if they do. I like the due date slips idea – may help remind me.

    Re genre classification, I used to think classifying vampire/werewolf etc books as paranormal romance was strange, because to me paranormal was more about mental or physical powers, but that was probably just my interpretation! I think the current genre definitions are the widely-accepted definitions as opposed to the strict dictionary definitions of a particular phrase.

  4. Nath – Good, it was nice to be away from the office for a change! I’ve been loving your Canadian blogger meetup posts, you all did fantastic recaps, btw.

  5. I’ve just finished ‘Moon Called’, my first book by Patricia Briggs. Although I’m not usually a paranormal/fantasy fan, her wonderful storytelling totally won me over.

  6. Sarah – Patricia Briggs’ Mercy series is probably my favourite UF series ever. I can’t wait for the fifth book to come out next year – I envy you for having three more books to read!

    Nath – Not a whole lot, to be honest. I just finished Eloisa James’ “This Duchess of Mine” – good, but I think the previous was better. And then Josh Lanyon’s novella in “Partners in Crime”, I have loved everything he’s written to date, and this was no exception. And err… that’s probably it for June. I know, pathetic.

  7. I just checked my library account online and find that I owe $12. We were on vacation and I knew there was a chance I wouldn’t be able to renew everything so it was a chance I choose to take.

    I like that distinction by Briggs. I’m mostly on the urban fantasy side these days, but have read my fair share of the other. I think that the distinction works.

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