Want YA Science Fiction or Fantasy Recs?

There’s a post on Tor.com asking for SF/F recommendations for a 13 year old.  And around 140+ responses when I last checked.  I’m definitely bookmarking this.


8 thoughts on “Want YA Science Fiction or Fantasy Recs?

  1. Thanks for that link. I’m an adult that loves YA fantasy/paranormal, and there are great recommendations there.

  2. Karen – I know! I have only scanned so far, but I recognise many of my favourites. I’m planning on reading through it properly this weekend.

    Angie – I just realised the Sharon Shinn rec was yours! Def agree with that one.

    Nath – I haven’t read through properly yet, but for new-to-me names, there was a mention of Kate Constable. I’m obviously going to pay more attention to the people who have already rec’d my favs 😉

    And Wimbledon – of course I am! I’m also seriously thinking about queuing for tickets one day this week, depending on weather.

  3. Ohhh, lucky you! I wish I could go watch tennis matches 🙂 As it is, I don’t even get to watch Wimbledon because I’m working 😦

    Hewitt won!! 🙂 So, who do you think will win this year?

  4. Nath – I queued on Wed, it was fun but completely exhausting! I guess the time difference makes it difficult for you to watch live. I’m hoping it will be a Federer v. Murray final.

  5. That is soo cool!! You actually went!

    It’s not that difficult to watch it live, it’s just that I don’T have any tv at work 😦

    Plus, they keep showing the Americans players… Ugh. I don’t care about Americans!!

  6. Oh, I quite like Roddick 😉

    It was a really good day, great atmosphere, fantastic weather, good matches – what more could you ask for! Though it was way too exhausting to be more than a once-a-year thing.

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