Books for July

Halfway through July and my sidebar is still displaying “May Books I Want”.  I feel slightly embarrassed.  I may even update it later today.

Anyway, here are the July books I want.  Rather unusually, there are three historical romances to start off:

51-AyvLw-DL._SL160_ Mary Jo Putney’s “Loving a Lost Lord” (historical romance):  A straight historical romance from Mary Jo Putney. *happy dance*  Her Fallen Angels series was one of the first historical romance books I read, together with Julie Garwood, Amanda Quick, et al., but it’s been quite a while since I last read one of her books.  According to Ms Putney’s website, LaLL is the start of a new Regency historical series as well, so fingers crossed it’s a good one.

Excerpt here (out now)


51wNmc1KHLL._SL160_ Eloisa James’ “A Duke of My Own” (historical romance):  The last of her Desperate Duchesses series, this is Villiers’ story.  While this series has been slightly uneven at times, it has definitely been my favourite historical romance series over the past year or so.  I’m hoping her next series will be just as good – I can’t wait to find out what she chooses to write next.

Excerpt here (out July 28)


51JsN1IdcFL._SL160_ Julia Quinn’s “What Happens in London” (historical romance):  This is loosely tied to her “The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever” book, but pretty much a stand-alone, from what I gather.  A Quinn book never fails to make me smile, and I’ve been hearing pretty good things about this one.

Excerpt here (out now)



And moving on to urban fantasy and paranormal romance:

510nfONrO-L._SL160_ Jenna Black’s “Speak of the Devil” (urban fantasy): Fourth in her Morgan Kingsley series, Morgan being a demon exorcist.  I was almost ready to stop after the second book, but the third one redeemed this series IMO, so I’m now excited about the fourth.

Excerpt here (out July 28)



51BQzbjQiuL._SL160_ Nalini Singh’s “Branded by Fire” (paranormal romance): Part of her Psy-Changeling series, this is Riley and Mercy’s story.  This is one of the few paranormal romance series I read, as Ms Singh manages to combine really strong world-building with wonderful romance.  I have no idea why I haven’t bought this one yet.  Must go get.  Now.

Excerpt here (out now)


51Krb5pZfCL._SL160_ Linda Howard’s “Burn” (romantic suspense):  I really really wish Linda Howard had a website.  And I wish Piatkus Books would publish the UK version closer to the US release date – Amazon is currently showing October.  Oh well, it is a Linda Howard so I will buy.  I’m hoping it’s not as outdoor-survival-focused as her recent ones.

No excerpt (out now in US)



517vRFujEzL._SL160_ Suzanne Brockmann’s “Hot Pursuit” (romantic suspense):  The latest in her Troubleshooters series, this is a Sam and Alyssa book, IIRC.  There was a whole lot of controversy around her January release earlier this year, but I haven’t heard much about this one.  Or maybe I just haven’t been hanging out in the right places.

Excerpt here (out July 28)



51FS025 PVL._SL160_ And finally, the anthology “Strange Brew” is already sitting on my bedside table.  Edited by PN Elrod, it has short stories by Patricia Briggs, Jim Butcher, Karen Chance, and Charlaine Harris, amongst others.  My thoughts so far?  The Briggs story didn’t really grab me until the last few pages,  Jim Butcher’s contribution is a nice Harry Dresden interlude, the Karen Chance one is very representative of her non-stop action writing (I really liked it), and the Charlaine Harris story is slightly disturbing (set in her Sookie Stackhouse universe but no Sookie).

12 thoughts on “Books for July

  1. Hi Li!!

    How are you doing?!?! 🙂 Great to read from you LOL 🙂

    The Julia Quinn is a cute one, hope you enjoy… and thank you for putting Strange Brew onto my radar!! I didn’t realize there was a new anthology!! 🙂 No Kelley Armstrong in it, right? Ah well, I’ll get it for Jim Butcher and Patrica Briggs 😀

    Oh, and you won’t be disappointed by the Nalini Singh, very good 😀

  2. I want the Eloisa James and ‘Strange Brew’. I’ve read the new Julia Quinn and thought it was her best book in years. I’m still on the fence about getting ‘Burn’ as I’ve been underwhelmed by Linda Howard’s last few books.

    I love seeing what other people are reading!

  3. The Quinn and Singh were awesome, Li!
    I’ve been meaning to read Eloisa James’ series for ages, just haven’t gotten around to it! I’m looking forward to Strange Brew, too! 🙂

  4. Nath – No Kelley Armstrong, but “Strange Brew” has a really strong lineup regardless! I liked the stories much more than the “My Big Fat Supernatural…” anthologies.

    Sarah – I can’t wait to read the Julia Quinn now. I will definitely get the Linda Howard, but may wait until the UK release as it is normally trade paperback and slightly cheaper!

    Renee (and Nath) – I read “Branded by Fire” last night. Really really good. And now I so want Hawke’s story. It’s not the next one, right? The blurb is about another couple. I can’t believe she’s making us wait.

  5. I’m glad you enjoyed Branded by Fire 😀

    I think I’m going to wait a little before getting Strange Brew… since I’m only really interested into 2 authors only…

  6. I just found your blog…fun!! The What Happens in London book was a major let down for me. And i love Quinn!! After reading this I may have to read the Eloisa James series!

  7. Nath – Strange Brew is a trade paperback, so may be worth waiting until the mmp release if you only really want to read two stories. I haven’t read the rest yet, so can’t comment if they are worth it.

    Nicole – Thanks for commenting! Eloisa James is probably my favourite historical romance author at the moment (Jo Beverley is also up there, to give you an idea of my tastes). What I love about EJ’s books is that (a) you have the main h/h but also a very strong secondary h/h (whose story continues throughout the series) and (b) the plot isn’t always what you expect. I know those are the very things some people hate about her books, so I’ll be keen to hear what you think if you ever try her!

  8. LOL, the thing is when is that book ever going to come out in mass market? I mean, the two supernatural ones aren’t yet… and it’s been a year +. I have a coupon, so it’s not too bad…

  9. Nath – Why do I think you’re going to cave?! I did think “Strange Brew” was worth it (I paid around £8), because I did like the stories I read, esp the Karen Chance one (though IIRC you don’t really care for her 🙂 )

  10. Hmmmm, LOL, I haven’t so far 🙂 But if you say it was worth it, I’m even more tempted now, LOL 😛 Yes, I don’t have much willpower, but we all knew that already, right?

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