What Took Me So Long?

51OpuIGbojL._SL160_ I finally finished Megan Whalen Turner’s “The Thief” tonight.

And I really really should have listened to Angie, and bought Queen and King beforehand.  I am ordering them at this very moment.

Everyone – you were so right.

17 thoughts on “What Took Me So Long?

  1. Yay!! I am sooo glad you enjoy them!! These books are awesome and seriously, they just get better and better!!

    I hope you get Queen and King very fast!!! Can’t wait to see what you think of them!! 🙂

  2. Ahhh, I just finished reading The King of Attolia after reading The Queen of Attolia! (I posted my comments about it on my blog). The gist of my review: This series is so entertaining to read – it’s such an endearing story! Especially, Eugenides. One can’t help but love his petulance and his craftiness. I really wish I had bought The Thief when I had the chance that day, in the bookstore. It was on the sale rack too… *sigh*

  3. All – I really should have known all of you wouldn’t steer me wrong 😀

    I am hoping the sequels arrive in time for the weekend!

    And Marg & Jennie, you have more willpower than me…

  4. I am not sure that it is will power! It’s more a case that I have a gazillion other library books due back before this one! Other wise I would probably read it a bit earlier!

  5. Marg – I’ve almost given up on the library thing. I always end up forgetting to read the books I’ve borrowed, and then almost missing the due dates!

    SarahT – Oh, my list grows by the day. You’re in good company 😉

  6. Well. The short answer is no, the long answer is…

    So I finished Thief, and passed it on to my sister, saying “This is a really good book, read it!”. Which is what I generally do with books I love.

    On Saturday, Queen and King arrived on my doorstep, as did my sister, who was returning Thief. “Slow start, but good ending” was her verdict, and since I was pretty busy over the weekend, I let her take Queen to read.

    I then had a text message saying “Really good”, followed by another saying “REALLY really good”. She stopped by on Monday, grabbed King “just in case”, and I have not seen any of them since – sister, Queen, nor King 😉

    I am hoping to get Queen back this weekend!

  7. I would have to agree about the Thief… but then, I cheated a little and read King b4 Thief 😛 But all three books were great, definitively great 😀

    I hope you get back Queen soon 🙂 LOL, if it was me, I’d be hounding my sister to get it back 😛 but then, my sister doesn’t read, so it’s a relief 😛

  8. Li, that’s hilarious! And entirely typical I would say of people’s reactions to this series. Here’s hoping they’re back in your hands soon.

  9. Marg – Once I finished the book, I spent quite a bit of time re-reading scenes. It was very interesting and so different the second time through!

    Nath and Angie – I’m going to get Queen back tomorrow, no matter what 😀

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