New Vorkosigan Book

Old news by internet-time standards, but still…

From Lois McMaster Bujold’s MySpace blog:

The new Vorkosiverse book, henceforth to be titled CryoBurn, is finished and turned in to Baen.

To recap information mentioned previously, the story is an Auditorial investigation that takes place on a planet new to readers, called New Hope II or Kibou-daini.  Miles is 39, to go by the very Miles-centered series chronology we’ve been using.  The story uses three viewpoints: Miles, Roic, and a local lad named Jin.  The general mode is mystery/thriller/technological-social exploration.  About 103,000 words, in twenty chapters and an epilogue.

The book is, tentatively, on the Baen publication schedule for late 2010, probably November.

*happy dance*

Just umm… a year and a bit to go.


3 thoughts on “New Vorkosigan Book

  1. If she’s turned in the manuscript, I wonder why the pub date is so far off? Seems odd to me. She doesn’t have another book coming out sooner, does she?

  2. Nope, I don’t think so. I’m guessing publishing schedules perhaps?

    A year does seem like a long time, but I remember when Diana Gabaldon confirmed her Sept release date back in March, and implied she still hadn’t turned it in yet, I was thinking “Less than six months to get it release-ready??”. Though that was probably taking into account the fact her books tend to be epics!

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