Books for Grownups?

I was in Waterstones today, and saw Holly Black’s books being very prominently displayed in the SF/F section with new covers. 

Ironside_AdultValiant_AdultTithe_AdultI can’t remember the shelf blurb word-for-word, but it was along the lines of these books were originally released as teenage fiction, but have been re-released with new covers for adults.

The new “grownup” ones are above, the original YA ones below.  I have to say that I prefer the YA ones myself.  The new ones are fairly generic and look more as though they should be shelved in the Mystery / Crime / Suspense sections.

Tithe YAValiant YA Ironside YA Thoughts?

I’ve been meaning to try Holly Black for ages – I remember reading some pretty good reviews last year, the year before?  I never did get around to buying “Tithe” though.  So maybe the new covers aren’t a bad thing, they certainly have me considering these books again.

I’m trying to remember other teenage/adult crossovers.  There has been lots of talk recently around UK v US covers, but not much around teenage v. adult covers.  I know Philip Pullman’s books have different covers and so do Maria V Snyder’s “Study” books.  Oh, and obviously the Harry Potter books.  And Harlequin Teen’s re-releasing PC Cast’s Goddess books soon.

So maybe it’s not that unusual – what struck me about this one was the direction, i.e. teenage to adult, instead of the other way around.  I’m thinking the massive success of Stephenie Meyer is encouraging publishers to think about already-published YA books that would have mass appeal.  And if it’s in the paranormal / urban fantasy genre, even better!

Are there any recent crossovers that have caught your eye recently?  Or what do you think of this trend?


17 thoughts on “Books for Grownups?

  1. I haven’t read these particular books, but I think it’s good for the author and for society in general if we accept more YA books as being good for us all. I do agree with you about the covers, though….they do look like crime fiction!

  2. Wasn’t Harry Potter from YA –> Adult?

    Personally, I think it’s a good thing, if adults can enjoy these books as well, go for it 🙂

    as for the covers, I agree with you. the YA are nice… seems less cluttered.

  3. I think the publishers are definitely looking to renew interest in another age group by changing the covers. I’m ashamed to say, sometimes changing the covers really does make a difference… it’s the initial impression that you send to the readers. I try not to “judge a book by it’s cover” but I’ve fallen prey to my own prejudgments many times.

    I’ve been wanting to read Holly Black too! I will, hopefully one day soon, pick one of them up =)

  4. Amy – I’m totally jealous about the variety of books being published under the YA banner nowadays. I’m glad they’re expanding beyond the YA section!

    Nath – Good point on Harry Potter 🙂 That was probably the precursor to Meyer.

    Sharry – Oh, I completely do the “judging by the cover” thing too! A bad cover would never put me off a book I really want, but I sometimes wonder how many undiscovered gems are out there, just with bad covers 😉

  5. I’ve read the first two in this series (though I only reviewed Valiant.) The series is really good–I don’t know why I haven’t gotten around to reading the last in the trilogy!

    They are gritty and dark (especially Valiant) stories of faeries among edgy teens, along the lines of Melissa Marr, but less lush and romantic.

    Hope you get a chance to try them out!

  6. I adore Holly Black’s faerie series. And the YA covers are so gorgeous. I don’t really love the adult ones, though I understand what they’re trying to do with them and I’m all for expanding a good book’s readership! I really do recommend the trilogy. VALIANT is my favorite, though it definitely is the darkest of the three.

    Recently Ace has reprinted several of Robin McKinley’s books in matching Trade paperback editions for adults. They’re being shelved in the scifi/fantasy sections in bookstores. So far I’ve seen THE HERO AND THE CROWN, THE BLUE SWORD, THE OUTLAWS OF SHERWOOD, and ROSE DAUGHTER. They also did DEERSKIN but that one was not YA originally. I like the covers and hope they reach more adults.

  7. Renee – Okay, I’m sold. But I may try to find the YA versions instead, they appeal to me a lot more than the new covers.

    Angie – I haven’t seen the new McKinley books. Am slightly embarrassed to admit I’ve only read “The Blue Sword”. I do like the title of the “The Hero and The Crown” though, so will have a look for them (me shallow? nah!).

  8. I will have to try Holly Black’s Faerie series. I love coming on here where I learn new great authors. I also agree that there are so many YA ones out that I didn’t have as a YA. I was stuck with some very unappealing books. Although, I do have to say that Ms. McCaffrey’s dragron rider books were first introduced to me as a 12 year. I know many an adult that read those books.

    And I agree, the covers for YA on Ms. Black’s book are much cooler.

  9. Li, lol. I understand. I do highly recommend THE HERO AND THE CROWN, particularly if you’ve already read BLUE SWORD. HERO is a prequel and is quite a different story and I love it. You’d also probably like SUNSHINE quite a lot. Oh, and OUTLAWS OF SHERWOOD. Okay, I’m stopping now…

  10. I agree with Angie and Renee. Sunshine is a wonderful story. Very different. There could definitely be several books following Sunshine. Too bad RM indicated that she didn’t intend to write anymore about it. She’s a pretty anti-social author compared to some of the other ones.

  11. La Crimson Femme – Oh, I remember reading Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books too! IIRC I preferred her Rowan/Damia books, but I did read quite a few dragonrider books.

    Angie – It’s related to “Blue Sword”? Even better.

    Renee – You all have piqued my interest now, will have to go and find “Sunshine”!

  12. SarahT – Yes! And I’m so glad because I had never ever read Ibbotson before, and completely fell in love with her writing. I don’t think I would have managed to get hold of her backlist had they not been re-released. Plus I get the pretty new covers 😉

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