New Amelia Peabody!

Not exactly breaking news, but Elizabeth Peters’ website is announcing a new Amelia Peabody book “River in the Sky” to be released April 2010.

After some frantic Googling, here’s a blurb courtesy of Simpleng Kaligayahan:

Still banned from exploring the Valley of the Kings, Egyptologist Radcliffe Emerson and his intrepid amateur sleuth wife Amelia are spending a peaceful summer at their home in England. One day, the Emersons are visited by two men: Major John Morley and the Reverend Plato Pangopolous. The former wants to mount an expedition to the Holy Land; the latter is a Greek cleric on the lunatic fringe of Biblical scholarship. These two men have arrived for the same purpose: they both want Radcliffe and Amelia’s help on a daring mission to locate the fabled Ark of the Covenant!

I could not be more excited.  So… the new Megan Whalen Turner in March, a new Peabody in April, and a new Vorkosigan book in November. 

Happy days.

ETA:  Another blurb, this time with a date, courtesy of Constable & Robinson:

1910. Having brought Egypt firmly under her thumb, Amelia Peabody turns her attention to a harder challenge: Palestine, a province of the crumbling, corrupt Ottoman Empire and the Holy Land of three religions. Hearing that Morley, an English adventurer, has raised money to mount an expedition to search for the vanished treasures of the Temple in Jerusalem, Emerson and Amelia are persuaded to go after him in order to prevent a catastrophically inept excavation and the possibility of armed protest by the infuriated members of all three religions who view the Dome of the Rock as sacred. The War Office is concerned about increasing German influence in Palestine and insists that Morley is secretly working for German intelligence. Emerson doesn’t believe it, but could he be mistaken?

In the meantime, their son Ramses has been working on a dig at Samaria, north of Jerusalem, where he encounters an unusual party of travellers. One is a female German archaeologist, and the other a mysterious man of unknown nationality and unknown past. Ramses’s insatiable curiosity leads him to a startling discovery about the pair. He must now pass the information on to his parents in Jerusalem – but only if he can get there alive…

So, if the date is correct on this one, the new book is set between the events of “The Ape who Guards the Balance” and “The Falcon at the Portal”.  I was hoping for one following the events of “Tomb of the Golden Bird”, but I will very happily settle for this!

7 thoughts on “New Amelia Peabody!

  1. Marg – This is one of my all-time favourite series, so am very very thrilled with this news.

    Nath – Do give it a try. IIRC, I glommed the whole series in a couple of months.

    Rosario – It sounds like a pretty madcap adventure, doesn’t it? I’m hoping we get a lot of Ramses in this one, I love him!

  2. I am very excited about River in the Sky! I have most of the Amelia Peabody books and am expecting the three that I don’t have yet to be delivered soon.

    I would also like to see a book written after Tomb of the Golden Bird, but I’ll settle for anything that involves Amelia Peabody, Emerson, Ramses and Nefret! =)

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