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A couple of quickies – new author sites and updates:

Juliet Marillier has relaunched her website.  I’m finding it slightly graphics-heavy, but it looks good.  There’s a RSS feed for news updates which is always useful.  She talks about her website redesign on Writers Unboxed – it’s pretty interesting stuff.

Mercedes Lackey has a Facebook page (and okay, a Twitter account too).  Better still, she says she plans to update her website – about time, I say.  I’ve just had a quick look and I’m seeing 2009 releases listed, though the welcome message is still dated July 2002.

Her Facebook site also has the following piece of news:

Completed the Fairy Godmother piece. Turned it in. Next up a new Young Adult dark fantasy/western ("Deadwood" style) series proposal. Also Tor says they want some Diana Tregarde and Jenny Talldeer. We’re going to do a threesome of novellas. (What is the collective noun there?) Apparently they were listening after all 😉

Yay on the novellas news – I loved the Diana Tregarde books.  And the YA dark fantasy/western sounds very intriguing.

4 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. I’m guessing that’s Angie 😉 I’m on a bit of a slow internet connection at the moment, so struggling somewhat. You never appreciate broadband until you don’t have it!

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