BBAW Blogger Interview: Leontine

BBAW_Celebrate_BooksAs part of BBAW 09, you could sign up to do interview swaps with another blogger, where you would be randomly paired up with another book blogger and find out more about them.  I loved the idea, and was partnered with Leontine of Leontine’s Book Realm – tagline: A Guide into the Mind and Life of a 21st Century Book Addict.  I can so identify.

We brainstormed some questions, and Leontine’s answers are below – so if you’re curious about what a Beefcake Preview Night entails or what’s sitting on Leontine’s nightstand (yes, I’m incurably nosy), read on!  And my answers to the same questions are at Leontine’s blog.


This is Book Bloggers Appreciation Week – so let’s start with the blog-type stuff:

Why did you start your blog?
Because I wanted a place where I could explore my book lovin’ side. Where I could place my reviews and write whatever triggered me to write about. I like the fact my creative side was challenged, that I could create my own vibe and over this past year, my blog has really come in to its own and tells you much about me as a reader and book lover 🙂

What do you focus on?
On my blog, Leontine’s Book Realm, I focus mostly on my reviews and anything related to me as a book addict. I also have a Beefcake Preview Club night where I do a character interview from an upcoming book. I also have a cover and series discoveries and interviews.

What do you enjoy most… and least about blogging?
I really love the fact to just be active with my book passion. To allow my blog to showcase my various interests in what I enjoy so much about the book world. I am aiming for a blend of reviews, interviews, columns and what I discover as a reader.

Do you have any features on your blog?
Like I already mentioned, I have a Beefcake Preview Club night where I have a character interview, the crew is ready with a cocktail for the ladies, where we can talk about everything but mostly the character interview, and for my followers, I have a giveaway.

If I discover a series, I do a feature of Series Discovery. Basically it is a post where I tell what triggered my intrigue for this series and series info.

I also have a Cover Discovery, I am always in the mood to talk covers. What I love, what turns me off and what turns me on. This is the post I do this in.

What kind of sneaked up is the Monthly Book Tip interview. I always have a monthly book I expose in my sidebar and a few month ago I asked if the author was up for a short interview…in the following months it has become a monthly feature on my Book Realm.

Who was your first commenter?
My very good friend and fellow booklover; Pearl from Pearl’s World Of Books was the very first to comment on my blogpost – What has been in 2008 and what is to come in 2009.

What is your favorite blogpost?
My review of Anne Bishop. Though I had already heard much about her Black Jewels series, I always wonder if an author can live up to the hype. Because, what works for someone else doesn’t not always necessarily have to work for me. Still, the synopsis intrigued the daylights out of me. When I read the first book, Daughter Of The Blood, and I wrote my review, I knew I had a winner of a trilogy turned series on my hand. My review is one of those reviews that flowed from my fingers in my awe for this author’s skill and creation of world and characters.


Moving on to the good stuff… the books!

What do you usually read? Favourite authors / genre etc
I read mostly in the Paranormal/Fantasy genre with Suspense, Erotica and Historical as a side dish. Some of my favorite authors include: CL Wilson, Anne Bishop, Karen Marie Moning, Kresley Cole, Nalini Singh, Kathryne Kennedy but also; Anna Campbell, Chris Owen, Shayla Black, Lauren Dane and Shannon McKenna are a few I absolutely love to read.

Have your reading / buying habits changed since you’ve started blogging?
Oh yes, most definitely yes!!! My Urban Fantasy shelf has been growing rapidly and The Book Depository Store and I have created a very intimate relationship 😉

Who provides you with good recommendations?
I have my *partners in crime* Pearl, Marissa and my sister Natascha. But also Cecile, VampFanGirl, Donna, Mandi, Blodeuedd, Amy and too many more to write up who provide me with sound advice. I have put my CC to a stretch thanks to these incredible gals *grin*

Which authors are on your keeper shelf?
There are so many! Jennifer Donnelly – Anne Bishop – Sherrilyn Kenyon – JR Ward – Nalini Singh – Elizabeth Vaughan – Rona Sharon – Shannon McKenna – Kresley Cole – Lisa Valdez – Anna Campbell and I could go on typing for a bit.

Do you have a latest discovery you talk about at any given moment?
Lauren Dane – Laid Bare, I just loved her Erotica Romance. It is raw, emotional, passionate, real, intense and she grabbed me from the prologue with characters that just had me at hello.

What is your favorite moment to read?
Early in the morning or in the afternoon. I can read at practically any hour of the day but mornings and between 2-5PM are the times I read the most.


And to finish it off, some more personal questions…

1. What was the highlight of your week?
I had a ROOB gang meeting last night (9-13-2009). We had good food, good conversations and a hilarious movie: The Hangover to watch. 12 hours went by in the blink of an eye.

2. Last movie you watched?
Well, that one is easy, The Hangover. I thought it was going to be a b-comedy but I had a lot of good old fashioned laugh-out-loud moments, it was well worth the time and money 😉

3. Your dream date would be…?
After a dazzling night of wine and dining and a musical we fly away to a somewhat secluded place. Starry night, candles everywhere and a hot tub….

4. What is your favorite season?
Fall and winter are in the run, but I think the fall would win with its stormy weather and leaves in all the colors falling from the trees.

5. Your favorite vacation spot?
I loved going to Ireland, the rich culture, the legends, the history and the very kind people I have met all added to a fabulous experience and one I’d like to repeat one day.

6. Boxers or briefs with your hottie next door?
Briefs, I so don’t like boxers, or at least those loose fitting ones with all the wacky prints, they just don’t do it for me.

7. Bad boy or knight in shining armor?
I am such a bad boy kind-a-woman. The one that gives me the most chills and thrills at the moment is Daemon from the Black Jewel trilogy.

8. What’s your favorite food?
Pasta, carb hell but with various veggies, or sauce and my taste buds are in heaven 🙂

9. Current favorite TV series?
SUPERNATURAL, I just love Dean and Sam Winchester and the cases they solve in search for their father…and that is just the beginning.

10. What’s on your nightstand?
CD’s with my favorite music, my notepad and my current book; Geoffrey Knight’s Fanthom’s Five; Cross Of Sins.


Thank you very much Leontine for joining in the fun – I now have more blogs and authors to check out!


5 thoughts on “BBAW Blogger Interview: Leontine

  1. Great interview – I just love Leontine! I like Supernatural too and I’ve added a few books to my tbr list after visiting her blog. I’m not usually one for erotic etc but her reviews make them so darn enticing 🙂

  2. SarahT – Me too, I’ve been hearing great things about the series.

    Book Chick City – Oh yes, I can see my TBR pile growing now that I’ve been “introduced” to Leontine’s blog!

    Angie – I love this BBAW feature, it’s a fantastic way of finding out about other blogs!

    SusiSunshine – It’s a pretty cool feature, isn’t it?

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