What I Am Doing


Joanna Dobson’s Professor Karen Pelletier mystery series.  I’ve just finished the second book, “The Northbury Papers”, and am about to start the third, “The Raven and the Nightingale”.  I’m loving these books – the academic setting, the American literature element, and last but not least, Karen’s personal life.  There’s a very subtle romance growing, and yes, I totally spoiled myself by reading the blurbs for the next books – now I need to know how everything gets resolved.


51JVLxQkvvL._SL160_Waiting (very impatiently) for:

Diana Gabaldon’s “Echo in the Bone”.  The Royal Mail would choose this time to go on strike.  Fingers crossed it arrives next week.


510hi1w62FL._SL160_Next up:

In the absence of “Echo in the Bone”, I’m thinking possibly Ellen Crosby’s “The Chardonnay Charade”, the second in her Wine Country series.  I’m on a bit of a mystery kick at the moment.  I read the first book, “The Merlot Murders”, recently and really liked it – there is some angst, most definitely, and Ms Crosby brings the winemaking process to life without ever venturing into info-dumping territory.  Oh, and I probably don’t even need to say it, but yes, there is a potential romance  ;-)  I am so predictable.


3 thoughts on “What I Am Doing

  1. You’re in a mystery mood indeed! That’s good though, sometimes. I, myself, am in an urban fantasy phase…

    I hope you review these mystery books. They do look interesting 😀

  2. Nath – Yep, definitely in the mood for mysteries! I was just about to say I haven’t read that many UFs lately, then remembered I’ve just bought the “Must Love Hellhounds” anthology 🙂

    Angie – It’s a great series, definitely worth reading IMO. Am off to order the fifth book now!

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