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Via Jessica’s Monday Morning Stepback post at Racy Romance Reviews, I hopped over to Courtney Milan’s blog where she gives her take on Publishers Weekly’s top ten books of the year – the all-male one.

51WXT83sEfL._SL160_ And wow.  Both the post and her responses in the comments?  I am in awe.  Plus I learnt what disemvoweling means – though God forbid I ever need to use it in my little corner of the internet.

Anyway, having been thoroughly impressed, I wandered off to browse the rest of her site, and ended up reading the excerpt of her upcoming historical romance “Proof by Seduction” (January 2010 release).  I can’t remember the last historical romance I read, but I loved her writing, the scene made me laugh, and the book is so definitely going on my To Buy list for January.



On a different note, unless you’ve been under a rock (or internet-less), you’ve probably have heard of the launch of Harlequin’s digital-only publisher Carina Press.  I don’t really pay attention to publishing news, well okay, I’m interested but don’t get all excited about it, but this one grabbed my attention. 

Why?  Because a major publisher is actually going to try the DRM-free model for ebooks*.  It’s about time.  Let’s face it, pretty much every single DRM format can be hacked if you know how to use Google.  I’m hoping this marks a major turning point for the ebook market.  Too optimistic?  Perhaps.

* Yes, I know Baen does it (and I love them for it), but they only do SF/F.



510CGKLV3pL._SL160_ Finally, I finished reading Sharon Shinn’s “Quatrain” recently – her collection of short stories set in four of her different worlds.  I loved.  It was like revisiting old friends and I reveled in the familiarity.  I’m pretty sure it would work for readers new to her books, but I don’t think I’m objective enough on that count.

The Samaria story especially reminded me of how much I adored that world and her writing.  This sentence stayed in my mind for ages after I closed the book (the protagonist is listening to a quartet of angels sing):

I heard the pale-oak tenor, the black-satin alto, and the crystal-line soprano lay their individual architectures over [Stephen’s] flawlessly planed foundation.


3 thoughts on “Linkage and Stuff

  1. Hi Li,
    You covered a lot of interesting topics in this post! Let’s see. First, I, too am looking forward to Courtney Milan’s upcoming full length novel, Proof by Seduction. It sounds really wonderful and boy, isn’t that a gorgeous and stunning cover? I was also impressed by Courtney’s intelligence and composure in the particular post you are referring to, although I think I read it early on and I can only imagine how many more comments are there now. Yikes, sometimes those types of discussions can get out of control, you know?

    Secondly, I’m curious and optimistic as well regarding Harlequin’s DRM free model. I think it will definitely increase my personal interest in purchasing more ebooks. Hopefully it will be the same for other readers and the program will be successful.

    Finally, the anthology by Sharon Shinn is such a cool concept. A sampling of work from the same author… and each story is set in a world in which she already has full length novels written? Did I understand that correctly? Since I haven’t read any of her work before, but see her books around a lot and have always wanted to try her, this could possibly be the perfect gateway into her work. Would you agree? I’d appreciate your guidance. 😉

    Very helpful post, Li. Thank you!

  2. Hey Christine – this comes from not blogging regularly and then realising I’ve a lot to say!

    Totally agree, I was very impressed by how Courtney came across in her post. And you know, if you’re making your living with words, well, that’s the best recommendation. So I read the excerpt and loved!

    DRM-free books – fingers crossed!

    And yes, exactly right on the Sharon Shinn! I read an interview where she said the book took more research than a “normal” follow up book, because she had to re-read all of her previous books (paraphrasing here, but you get the gist), but it was such a treat to revisit all her worlds. I’m umming and ahhing about whether it would be the perfect first Shinn novel, just because I’m completely biased, but I think I fall on the side of yes. It is a hardcover though, so I would rec a trip to the library!

    Here’s a Dear Author review as well, with a bit in comments around whether it’s a good one for new Shinn readers:

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