Books for November

Mid-November and I’ve only read two books.  At this rate, I’ll need to stop eyeing up the new releases, else it will be a losing battle against my TBR pile.  Maybe it’s a good thing there aren’t that many November releases that I want.  I think.

415lXZ2a4HL._SL160_ I’m definitely going to get Nalini Singh’s “Blaze of Memory” (paranormal romance), the latest in her Psy/Changeling series.  An autobuy for me really – this series has not grown stale and I love the strong romance in each book, combined with the excellent overall plot arc and world-building.  So far, Ms Singh just keeps on getting better and better with each book, although saying that, I’m slightly embarrassed to say that “Angel’s Blood”, the first book in her other series, is still sitting in my TBR pile.

Out now (excerpt here)


51E4VozoVZL._SL160_ 517ByqgtCEL._SL160_ And then there’s Charlaine Harris “Grave Secret” (urban fantasy), the fourth book in Ms Harris’ “other” series, i.e. the one that is getting slightly less attention than her Sookie Stackhouse books.  I think this is the final book, but I’m not 100% sure.  Renee of Renee’s Book Addiction and Carolyn of The Thrillionth Page did a rather timely “Sleeper Series” post on these books.

I’ve just checked and the UK version (published by Gollancz with the cover on the right) isn’t out until January.  I wish the publishers would sync up their international releases.  Also, I much prefer the US covers for all of Charlaine Harris’s books.  The UK ones are pretty generic UF, IMO.

Out now (US anyway) and PDF excerpt here


51XvbGmfmUL._SL160_ And finally, I have just bought the anthology “The Dragon Book” (fantasy), edited by Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois, and with stories by some of my favourite authors, including Naomi Novik and Tamora Pierce (and yes, it’s a Tortall story and no prizes for guessing the main character).  Oh, and Diana Gabaldon.  Ana from The Book Smugglers reviewed it last week, and I pretty much ordered it immediately.

Out now (more details on contributors here, with an excerpt that I haven’t looked at, because it’s a large PDF)


The maybes for November?  I will probably get around to buying Katie Macalister’s “Me and My Shadow” (paranormal romance), the latest in her Silver Dragon books, at some point.  IIRC, my copy of the previous book in this series had some chapters in the wrong order, which didn’t exactly improve my reading experience, especially since I didn’t figure that out until much later in the book. 

And Linda Howard’s “Ice” (romantic suspense) – normally an autobuy author, but I hear it’s a hardcover coming in at 200-odd pages.  And I haven’t adored her most recent books.  Probably a borrow-from-library book for me.

11 thoughts on “Books for November

  1. Mandi – Oh, the older Linda Howard are classics! So many of them are on my keeper shelf. And yeah, I’m with you – not sure why I haven’t bought Blaze of Memory yet!

    Kailana – I’ve only read the Tamora Pierce so far (skipped ahead to it). I sometimes wonder if I should read an anthology from front-to-back but can never stop myself from reading my favorite authors first!

  2. LOL, Li. What battle against the TBR pile? I drew up the white flag a while ago 😀

    Okay, kidding aside, I think you’re going to enjoy Blaze of Memory 😀 it’s quite good 😀

    Hmmm, I wasn’t aware of the Dragon Book until I saw it at the bookstore… Is the Naomi Novik’s a Temeraire story? I kind of skimmed through it, but it doesn’t seem so.

    Ice was going to be a maybe as well, but now, I think it’s going to be a no-no ^_^;

  3. Hey Nath – No, I don’t think the Naomi Novik is a Temeraire story, not based on Ana’s review anyway. Ancient Rome setting apparently.

    I’ve requested Ice from the library. And now will probably wait a few months for it, but I really can’t justify paying hardcover prices for such a slim book. Same reason why I stopped buying the Janet Evanovich “Between the Numbers” books.

  4. I need to pick up Blaze of Memory soon, too seeing as Nalini is an auto buy for me. You should definitely read Angels’ Blood soon. I LOVED it. One of my favorite reads in 2009 for sure.

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Dragons anthology. I, too, have been meaning to check it out since the Smugglers reviewed it. It looks great.

  5. Thanks for the nod on our little post! 🙂
    I still have Grave Secret in my tbr. Will get to it in the next week. I’m actually not crazy about the US covers for the series. I wish they had gotten Lisa Desimini (the Southern Vampire series cover artist) to do them.
    I’m really interested in that Dragon Anthology. They’re some great authors in it.

  6. Christine – One of your favourite reads of the year? Okay, I definitely have to get around to Angels’ Blood then!

    Renee – You’re welcome! Oh I love the Sookie covers. Especially when they add the glitter 😉 I do think the US covers are generally better than the UK ones when it comes to Charlaine Harris’ books.

  7. Nath – But it was a good one! I really liked it. Short and humorous – and giving a possible insight into the roots of dragons being used as warships.

    La Crimson Femme – Ooooh. I need to get BoM, I am dying to see where she is going with the overall series arc.

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