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I was reading the Tor Forge blog and sometimes a book title just catches your eye – Lawrence Watt-Evans’ “A Young Man Without Magic” is one of these.  Even better is the title of the sequel, “Above His Proper Station” (out November 2010).  These titles have a Regency-era fantasy feel to them, and I think the watercolour style used for the cover of the first book fits the title beautifully.

Unfortunately for me, the first book has just been released in hardcover and I can’t justify spending the money on it – will have to wait until it’s released in mass-market paperback.  I am very tempted by that cover though.

Blurb from Amazon:

Anrel Murau is a scholar, a young man with no magical ability even though he is the son of two powerful sorcerers. Anrel’s lack of talent bars him from the ruling classes, but he is content to be a simple clerk.
Upon returning to his childhood home after years of study in the capital, Anrel finds his friends and family held under the thumb of the corrupt local lord. When this lord murders a dear friend, Anrel finds that although he’s not a sorcerer, he is not without other means to demand justice.

If he can survive life on the run, that is.

Carrying only his sword, a few coins, and his wit, Anrel must leave behind everything he has ever known, trust himself to unexpected allies, and outmaneuver leagues of enemies who will stop at nothing to keep his dangerous ideas from ever being heard. Magic and intrigue collide in a swashbuckling tale of daring escapes, beautiful witches, and one quiet young man’s rise to hero—or traitor. Nothing will ever be simple for Anrel again, as his personal quest may provide more peril for those he holds dear.


Has anyone read this (or any other books by the author)?


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