Romance v. Reality

Ah, Christmas time.  Snowflakes gently falling as you wander down Piccadilly, stopping by Hatchards to browse through the latest book releases, before admiring the Christmas windows at Fortnum & Masons and going inside to get their mincepies as a special Christmas treat.


Umbrella up to protect yourself from the snow that transforms into sleet as soon as it hits street-level, all attention focused on dodging muddy puddles on the pavement, your left foot soaking wet and freezing from that puddle you didn’t see in time, and oh my, the queues.  Everywhere.


It was pretty, though.


4 thoughts on “Romance v. Reality

  1. Hey Nath – I was struggling down Piccadilly, loaded down with shopping, when it occurred to me that actually this would be an idyllic scene in a book. Oh well. Today was pretty dry, the snow didn’t stay for long so it is still pretty wet and slushy underfoot.

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