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Links of interest: A new contract, a new computer game, and a fascinating visit



First off, some excellent news – Tracy Grant has signed a two-book contract with Kensington Books, writing as Teresa Grant.

51ZQazBh47L._SL160_ I’m really happy to hear this because her previous books “Beneath a Silent Moon” and “Secrets of a Lady” (previously published as “Daughter of the Game”) blew me away when I read them ages ago.  These were re-released by Avon in 2007/8, but I think I came across them back when they were first published – looking back, we’re talking 2002/3 here.  And although it has been years, I still remember loving these historical mysteries and more to the point, the central couple, Charles and Mélanie Fraser.  They were books full of twists and intrigue, and strong on the relationship side of things, IIRC – I may have to dig them out for a re-read.

51vgtB8ulcL._SL160_ The first book has the working title “The Dark Waltz” and the central couple will be called Suzanne and Malcolm Rannoch, instead of Mélanie and Charles, although it is essentially their story.  Being nosy, I asked why, and Ms Grant said it was because Kensington wanted “… something they could market as something fresh and new, not overtly connected to existing series”. Makes sense, and I can’t wait for this to be released.



You may have heard of Marjorie M Liu’s “Tiger Eye” being used as a basis for a computer game – here’s an interview with Melissa Heidrich, Studio Director of PassionFruit Games, giving some more information, at the Grasping for the Wind blog.  Interesting stuff.

I’ve read “Tiger Eye”, but must admit it didn’t quite work for me.  I know many people are big fans of her Dirk & Steele paranormal romance series (of which “Tiger Eye” is the first book), and  I’m wondering if I should give her another shot.



And finally, if I say Richelle Mead went to Forks, and you go “huh”, I’m guessing you’ve managed to avoid Twilight and all things vampire-related.  Ms Mead, author of the YA urban fantasy Vampire Academy books, made a day trip to Forks, home to Bella and Edward (and Jacob etc etc).  They have Bella’s truck outside the Visitors Centre.  Go read.

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  1. They’re not historical romance as such, Nath – but the relationship between Charles and Mélanie is a central part of the story. Because the first book is set after their marriage, the focus is on the impact of lies and deceptions; both of them entered marriage concealing secrets from each other.

    I remember loving the slightly unconventional spin on things and how it all played out – it has been a good few years though, and my memory could be slightly faulty…

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