What’s in a Name?

I completely missed this.  Sarah Monette’s next book will be published by Tor under a different name – this is because her Ace sales figures for the Doctrine of Labyrinths quartet were disappointing, and therefore the big bookstores would not be ordering many books under the Sarah Monette name going forward.

Firstly, I’m so pleased that she’s sold another book because I loved her writing, and “Corambis” (the final book in the series) was one of my favourite books of 2009.  I will say though, that the books were very dark, complex, and really, unconventional fantasy, and probably not for everyone.  And then you take into account that these books need to be read in order, the first appears to be out-of-print now, and finally, that they were first released in hardcover… difficult sell. 

So if you loved the Labyrinth books, look out for “The Emperor of Elfland” (title subject to change, I’m guessing) by Katherine Addison hopefully sometime next year.




And on a not-really related note, here’s a Suvudu blog post about book titles.  Apparently, Naomi Novik’s “Temeraire” (or “His Majesty’s Dragon”, if you read the US version) had the working title “Between Wind and Water”.  Not as catchy as the final one(s), I have to say. 

Speaking of which, her sixth Temeraire book, “Tongues of Serpents” will be released July 2010 (thanks to Renee for the heads up).


10 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Oh, I’m glad that Sarah Monette got another book contract. I have the first three books in my TBR pile…

    and yes!! I miss Temeraire and Laurence!! Hmm, I bet that won’t be the title… they’ll probably change it.

  2. You have intrigued me about the Sarah Monette Lanyrinth series maybe now is the time to pick up the books. Especially if the first is out of print. Before the prices on the secondary market become ridiculous.

  3. After reading the brilliant Doctrine of Labyrinths books, I couldn’t believe she had that contract problem. Looking forward to the Goblin Wars book!

    Also, waiting for her and Elizabeth Bear to get around to writing their planned A Companion to Wolves sequel.

    YW on the Naomi Novik info! 🙂

    @LesleyW: Unfortunately, book 2 is the big oop book that’s impossible to find and ridiculously overpriced. Luckily, my library had it (and the rest of the series).
    However, the series is awesome, and worth the effort of tracking it down.

  4. Stunning news, Li and I thank you for posting it. Wow. I am still behind in reading the series only because I am hoarding them for vacation. But what the heck, I’ll make sure to review them on my blog this year. I am very disappointed that her books didn’t sell well and am happy she sold to another publisher. Will keep a look out for her next book. Thanks! Just like you and the others, I LOVED her writing. It was delicious.

  5. Nath – LOL. You’re just hoarding those books.

    Renee – You made me curious and I looked up “The Virtu” on Abebooks. It’s selling from $30 upwards. That’s madness. I just checked and mine’s sitting safely on my shelves 😀

    LesleyW – If you read the first book and want the second, I’m more than happy to lend you mine!

    Keishon – I know, I can’t believe they dropped her. I’m so glad Tor bought her next book.

  6. Geez, I wish publishers would take note of oop prices on the secondary market. I’m going to have a little quest this year to see if I can get my hands on this series. 🙂

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