2009: Recap of My Reading Year Part II

Continuing my January to June recap, here’s the second half of my 2009 in books:



51OpuIGbojL._SL160_ I finally got around to reading Megan Whalen Turner’s “The Thief” and yes, kicked myself in the what-took-me-so-long kind of way.  Because this series is an indisputable gem, so cleverly written and populated with wonderful characters.

I hit double-digits in terms of books read this month, a whole eleven books, most of which were good.  On the not-so-good side, I think I gave up on Janet Evanovich’s Plum books.  Or at least buying the hardcover.




51PzrTZeJGL._SL160_ Another Patricia Briggs book, this time “Hunting Ground” in her Anna and Charles series, was the standout book of the month for me.

I also loved Robin McKinley’s “The Hero and the Crown” (YA fantasy, and a beautifully-told coming-of-age story), which I picked up thanks to a rec from Angie, and heaved a huge sigh as I turned over the final page of Megan Whalen Turner’s “King of Attolia”.  Ah, Gen.

And with eleven books read this month, this quarter was looking good.



Wait for it… I read a massive 21 books.  Yes, I was on holiday.

51l1odgzyAL._SL160_ Lisa Kleypas’s contemporary romances “Blue-Eyed Devil” and “Smooth-Talking Stranger” impressed me with the way she dealt with serious issues while keeping the romance firmly at the centre of the story – her contemporaries are now autobuys for me.

I also got around to reading Mary Ann Schaffer & Annie Barrows’ “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” – it made me laugh and cry (at different times, before you ask).  A proper feel-good book.

And I also enjoyed Lisa Lutz’s “Curse of the Spellmans” (mystery, funny with heart), Ellen Crosby’s “The Merlot Murders” (mystery, loved the winemaking focus), and Mary Kay Andrews’ “Savannah Blues” (contemporary romance, filled with Southern charm and lots of humour).



510CGKLV3pL._SL160_ So after the wonder that was September, I read seven books in October.  But they were mostly good.  I loved Sharon Shinns “Quatrain” (fantasy anthology) because her writing is beautiful and it was like revisiting old friends.

I finished my mini-glom of Joanne Dobson’s Karen Pelletier books (mystery) – I very much enjoyed the small-town college setting and the literature element of the mysteries.  And I really liked Ilona Andrews’ “On the Edge”  (paranormal romance, which felt almost like a frontier-set historical romance) and Ellen Emerson White’s “The President’s Daughter” (YA, and read thanks to another rec from Angie – no prizes for guessing who was responsible for quite a bit of my book spending this year).



518m9fIkHlL._SL160_ A measly four books read (I think this was payback for September).  I made time to read Juliet Mariller’s “Heart’s Blood” (fantasy), and it was very much worth it.  Not quite as magical as her Sevenwaters world perhaps, but a very good read.

And really, that’s all I can say about November, which saw my number of blog posts also fall to a dismal three during the month.




41K28wvJBOL._SL160_ the_dark_tideRounding off the year with 17 books read, I read and raved about Kristin Cashore’s “Fire” (fantasy) and Josh Lanyon’s “The Dark Tide” (mystery / m/m romance) in the final days of 2009.

But before that, I also loved Eloisa James’ “A Duke of Her Own” (historical romance), which wowed me with the very sexy and steamy chemistry between the hero and the heroine.  Unusually standalone for an Eloisa James book as well.

And technically a 2010 release, except I read it this side of the new year (just), I adored Karen Chance’s “Death’s Mistress” (urban fantasy), which was packed full of action and humour, and sneaked into my list of top reads for the year.


And that brought my total number of books read over the year to 115, which, while 40 fewer than what I read during 2008, had some truly excellent books.

One more post with lists and numbers, and that’ll be it for 2009, I promise!

9 thoughts on “2009: Recap of My Reading Year Part II

  1. Another good year in review post. It really gives you a sense for the true pleasures the year had to afford. And I hope you haven’t experienced buyer’s remorse for any spending I caused…;-)

    Yay for EEW and MWT!!

  2. I started reading the Megan Whalen Turner books around the same time as you I think! Planning on reading the King of Attolia soon.

    I totallly agree that Guernsey L&PPS is a proper feel good book!

    Good year in review post.

  3. Thanks Marg – it was fun to look back at everything I read throughout the year.

    King of Attolia was fantastic, I’m torn as to whether I prefer Queen or King really.

  4. Another great recap! I hadn’t seen that cover to Blue Eyed Devil before! It’s really beautiful!

    Thanks, again, Li, for turning me on to the Spellman series by Lisa Lutz. I’m on pins and needles for the last book. Also, I’m only on book 4 of the Stephanie Plum series and can already admit I’m glad I’m borrowing them from the library. 😉

    I have only read The Thief. I need to hunt down the next two before book four comes out!

  5. Christine – I think Lisa Kleypas gets great UK covers. Though to me, they come across more as women’s fiction as opposed to contemporary romance.

    So with you on the Spellmans, and you haven’t read Queen / King of Attolia yet??! They are so definitely worth hunting down 😀

  6. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Thief series!! 😀

    I love King, it is my favorite so far in the series and will make my top 3 this year 😀

    I read the first Lisa Lutz… I’m going to wait for the 4th book though coming out this month to see whether I want to continue reading the series…

    I bought Fire after your post 🙂

  7. Nath – I am keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll like “Fire”. I think you will…

    And am looking forward to your 2009 Top Books post. I’ve discovered so many books I now want to get after reading the various Best of 2009 posts on everyone’s blogs.

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