2009: The Statistics and Lists Post

I am not letting 2009 slip away without doing a post with lots of bullet points and numbers.  So without further ado…


My very favourite books read during 2009

Roughly in reading order:

  • Heir to Sevenwaters (Juliet Marillier)
  • Bone Crossed (Patricia Briggs)
  • Magic Strikes (Ilona Andrews)
  • Corambis (Sarah Monette)
  • The Queen of Attolia (Megan Whalen Turner)
  • Hunting Ground (Patricia Briggs)
  • The King of Attolia (Megan Whalen Turner)
  • The Dark Tide (Josh Lanyon)
  • Fire (Kristin Cashore)
  • Death’s Mistress (Karen Chance)

Apart from Josh Lanyon’s “The Dark Tide” (mystery / m/m romance), all the rest are fantasy (including four urban fantasy books).

Patricia Briggs and Megan Whalen Turner appear twice – no surprises there.

And coincidentally, there are ten of them – makes a nice Top Ten list! 


New-to-me authors I’m glad I discovered during 2009 


Author most-glommed during 2009

L.M. Montgomery, due to me delving into her backlist throughout most of January


The statistics…

Because I like tracking these.  What do you mean, better things to do with my time?

  2009 2008
# of books read during the year 115 155
# published during the year itself 55 (48%) 73 (47%)
# of authors read 71 88
# of new-to-me authors 22 (30%) 27 (30%)


So although the number of books I read decreased from 2008, the proportion of books published during the year itself and that of new-to-me authors remained the same.  Interesting – I really wasn’t expecting that.


And the pretty graph…

Because I did one for 2008 as well.  Can you tell I went on holiday in Oct 2008 and Sept 2009?



And that is really it for 2009, here’s to a great 2010!

8 thoughts on “2009: The Statistics and Lists Post

  1. oh. my. gosh. *snapping jaw shut, blinking googly eyes*

    that graph is the prettiest depiction of reading habits i have ever seen! all these year end wrap up posts make me wish i kept a spreadsheet this year! at almost 200 books read there is NO WAY im going to make one after the fact. *sigh* it will just have to be a project for 2010.

  2. Everyone needs a month of September like yours!! LOL 🙂

    I so agree with you on the Briggs, the Whalen Turner and Magic Strikes 😀 Great list you have there, Li 😀

  3. Lusty Reader – LOL, thank you! I cheated somewhat and bastardised the graph I did last year because I couldn’t figure out how to recreate it from scratch. It was apparently an one-off!

    Nath – Heh. September was good! Btw, I’m getting the Steve Kluger book you rec’d from the library this weekend.

    Christine – If you’re anything like me, what you need is a holiday 😉 That’ll up your book count!

  4. Hey Keishon – I had to double-check when I read I SHALL NOT WANT. Nope, that was year before last, time flies. I’ve just gone to her website and she has an April 2010 release – can’t wait.

    Nath – Planning to read the Steve Kluger this weekend…

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