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The Christmas/New Year hangover has all but disappeared, and I’m starting to spend way too much time at work again.  So in lieu of actual content, more links of interest:

Eileen Wilks has an updated website – and it has an RSS feed for updates!  I’m not exactly lazy (okay, yes I am), but a website feed means that I’m not going to miss out on any news.  Her next book, “Blood Magic”, comes out 2 Feb and I can’t wait – I love her Lupi novels.

Karen Chance has posted a bit about the schedule for her next books (now I could use an RSS feed for her website).  It’s a mixture of good and bad news (scroll down to the 5 Jan update).  The bad news is that her next Cassie book has been pushed back to summer 2011 (big sigh).  The good news is that Ms Chance plans to “…alleviate any withdrawal symptoms anyone may feel by putting some short stories with different character’s POVs on the web site”.  We’ll get Pritkin!  Mircea!  Francoise!  Err… my memory needs jogging – who is Francoise?

51ejPPYyI8L._SL160_ And finally… manga Shakespeare!  It’s “Much Ado About Nothing” – and oh, I’ve obviously missed something because when I googled “Manga Shakespeare”, it’s actually a whole series of books

I know next to nothing about manga, but I’m loving the drawings in “Much Ado About Nothing”“The Tempest” looks lovely too, and “Twelfth Night” has been given a steampunk setting!  They’re not expensive either (around £5 at Amazon), I am tempted…

4 thoughts on “More Linkage

  1. I did – an autobuy for me 🙂 Slightly uneven, IIRC – really liked #4 (which surprised me because it wasn’t Rule/Lily focused) but I thought #5 (last year’s release) was weaker. I’m still very much looking forward to the new release, though.

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