Sarah Dessen Recs?

Arrrghhhh.  Busy, busy, busy.  I’ve barely had time to blog hop, let alone read and leave comments, in the past couple of weeks.

51lFqOeoncL._SL160_ But I really had to mention Sarah Dessen’s “The Truth About Forever”, which I just finished this week.  I’ve had it in my TBR pile for a looooong time (funny how often I use that phrase), so a big thank you to Christine for listing it in her Top 20 Reads of 2009 and convincing me I had to read it.

Macy’s dealing with her father’s unexpected death.  Really.  I mean, she has the perfect boyfriend, she’s focused on her schoolwork, and she’s about to start a summer job that will look great on her high school transcript when applying to universities.  So why does she feel as though it’s a constant struggle not to fall apart?

I was completely caught up in Macy’s story pretty much from the start.  Watching her slowly figuring out that she doesn’t have to be perfect, seeing her grow so much from the first page to the last, dealing with her grief and reconnecting with her life?  So satisfying.

And sa-wooon.  Wes.  Mmmmm.  Okay, it’s not just Wes, it’s the whole cast of secondary characters that made this story so good.  Kristy and her search for truly extraordinary boys.  Bert and his cologne and gotchas.  Even Monica and her “donnevens”.  But Wes.  Ahhh.  I loved how Macy and Wes slowly became best friends without realising it, the diabolical Truth game the two of them played that revealed so much about each other, and oh, the last question.

So yes, I loved.   A very feel-good book.

Now for all you longtime Sarah Dessen fans, I need some help.  I’ve just bought three more Dessen books (no, I don’t waste any time and yes, it was another 3-for-2 offer) – “Lock and Key”, “Just Listen”, and “This Lullaby”, based purely on the selection they had in the bookstore and the back cover blurb. 

But I’m wondering, did I pick the right books?  Are there any other Dessen books that I should really be getting?

21 thoughts on “Sarah Dessen Recs?

  1. Hi Li!!

    What a coincidence! I’m wanting to try a book by Sarah Dessen too! Ames just read Along for the Ride and really enjoyed it… However, having not read any books by her yet, I was going to the library… they only have 4 of her books… among which “Lock and Key” and “This Lullaby” I think… Can’t wait to see what ppl think!

    The Truth About Forever sounds quite interesting!

  2. Nath – I would totally rec “The Truth About Forever”. “Along for the Ride” is just about to be released in the UK, so I didn’t see it on the shelves yesterday. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it now!

  3. TTAF is my fav. Dessen. I really liked This Lullaby but Just Listen and Lock and Key are both good as well! Also, Along for the Ride, her newest one was good too. Good selection of Dessen books!

  4. Okay. I am going to read THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER. I read a couple Dessens ages ago and was underwhelmed. But I keep hearing fabulous stuff about that particular one so it’s going on the list. Glad you enjoyed it so much, Li.

  5. Oh, I hope you do read TTAF, Angie – I’d love to hear what you think. It was the sort of book where I kept thinking about the characters even after the last page. Do you remember which Dessens you read?

  6. Angie – Excellent! I’ve just finished This Lullaby, and I have to say I liked TTAF a lot more – I’m wondering if you’re going to change your mind on Dessen.

    Lisa – Thinking about it, I’m pretty sure it was one of your blog posts that actually got me to buy TTAF in the first place! And I actually ended up re-reading the latter chapters of TTAF after finishing it, and I very rarely do that.

  7. Oh, this makes me so happy! 🙂
    I realize you already had it in your TBR pile, but I’m so happy that I was the inspiration to push you to finally get to it, and I’m even happier that you loved it. I haven’t read any other Dessen book yet, but since my teen has. In fact, we now have all of Dessen’s books except Along for the Ride on her bookshelf. She’s liked every single one she’s read so far, and I think there’s one that she liked almost as much as The Truth About Forever by TTAF is definitely her #1 fave Dessen book.

    BTW, I love the UK cover to TTAF! Wow.. so different from the US and possibly more fitting. It reminds me of the one character’s artwork. 😉

  8. Hey Christine – She has quite a backlist! And I’ve realised that her characters appear in other books, which is very cool. Not the in-your-face type scenes that shout “read my book” – in fact, you would probably miss them completely if you haven’t read the previous ones (I’m wondering who I missed in TTAF). Kristy and Bert appear in Lock & Key 🙂

    And yes, I love the UK covers too!

  9. Hi Li!
    I just saw your comment as my teen walked by me so I remembered to ask her what her favorite Dessen book after TTAF and she said This Lullaby or Someone Like You. But she says that This Lullaby is similar to TTAF.

    As far as crossover characters, I hadn’t noticed yet, since I’ve only got TTAF covered so far. I don’t think my daughter has read enough yet, either. Maybe I should do a Dessen Challenge with her. 😉 Hmm.. I think I will. She has a friend or two who are also avid readers and sometimes we get into book discussions in the car as a chauffeur them around. Kinda neat, huh?

  10. Christine – Someone Like You, huh? Will have to check that one out as well. And yes, you should definitely do a Dessen Challenge with your daughter – and come back with more recs 😉

    Michelle – You’re welcome! Nothing like spreading the Dessen love 🙂

  11. THANK YOU!!

    After seeing your blog I searched her book and read it. It lived up to my expectations and left a smile on my face at the end of reading – which is EXACTLY what I like 🙂

    It was as good as “Perfect Chemistry” by Simone Elkeles! Have you read that book? If not then you HAVE to read it! It is such a feel good book 🙂

  12. Raji – I’m so glad to spread the Dessen love! No, I haven’t read “Perfect Chemistry”, but have heard many good things about it – sounds as though I have to now 🙂 The other YA book that seems to get much love is Jennifer Echols’ “Going Too Far”, again on my list of books to get.

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