Sunday Ramblings

And I mean ramblings.  It’s been a bit quiet here all month and I figured I really should post something before I accidentally fall out of the habit of blogging. 

It’s a rather damp Sunday afternoon, and I’ve decided to bite the bullet and reorganise my ebooks.  Think of it as the virtual equivalent of rearranging your bookshelves.  Which I really have to do as well, but hey, one thing at a time.

At the moment, I have a few hundred books on my Sony Reader, some finished, some half-read, and others (possibly the majority) still unread.

You know what functionality I would love to have on my Reader?  The ability to add tags to books directly on the reader, instead of having to hook it up to my PC beforehand.  I don’t know if any other readers give you that ability, because that would be really useful.  Because I could then immediately tag a book as “read” once I’d finished it.  As it is, I’m going to have to go through all of them in order to organise them – my plan is to move all the books I’ve read to a separate memory card, though I’m keeping the ones I’ve loved on my main memory card, so I can re-read whenever I want.

So enough talking and time to start doing… whenever I rearrange my bookshelves, I always end up with a pile of old favourites I have to re-read – I wonder if the same will happen with my ebooks?


5 thoughts on “Sunday Ramblings

  1. Tagging on the reader would be wonderful! I delete books once I’ve finished them (I back them up elsewhere, so I can always put them on the reader again if I want to reread), what I’d use it for is to create some sort of “shortlist”… sometimes I’ll be in the middle of reading someone else and think of another book I’d like to start soon. But by the time I’m finished with what I’m reading, I’ll have forgotten.

  2. Oh, and you know what else would be good? To know what number book in a series each one is. Even if you’ve tagged each book as # in series X on Calibre, then on the reader all you can see for each book is that it’s part of series X. I just bought Victoria Dahl’s Tumble Creek trilogy, and the titles are Lead Me On, Talk Me Down, Start Me Up. I carefully labelled them on Calibre, but then when I went to start the first one, I couldn’t remember which one it was. I ended up starting one at random, which turned out to be the second in the series.

  3. Yes! Direct ereader organization would be great. I’d love to see a visual folder system, too help with the organization. I’m using a nook, and I don’t see why that can’t happen. There’s a virtual keyboard, and author/title alphabetization on it, so I don’t think that would be too impossible.

  4. So, how is it going Li? I really want to re-shelve my books, but I need a very, very long week-end LOL. Perhaps for Easter?

    By the way, you won Sea of Monsters over at my blog 😀 Yay! Just email me to re-confirm your address 😀

  5. Rosario – I know it’s weird, but I hate deleting books from my reader! Even though I know I’ve a backup on my PC. It’s psychological, I swear. I use the Delete button for DNFs though. Now that’s satisfying 😉

    And no, those titles are so similar, I wouldn’t be able to keep them straight either.

    Renee – I’m dying to see a Nook in person. Or even a Kindle. I can only dream of a visual folder system.

    Nath – Thank you, will email you! Now that I’ve organised my virtual bookshelves, I’m quite tempted to do the physical ones. Very satisfying 🙂

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