A Book Splurge

I have no idea what’s going on with the ebook pricing mess, but it looks to be complete chaos at the moment between publishers and retailers.  Books have disappeared from my Fictionwise wishlist, I’m hearing conflicting rumours about book availability, pricing, loyalty programmes… may you live in interesting times indeed.

Despite all this, I still was in the mood to buy books (go figure), so I hopped over to Baen’s Webscription site (because you can always count on Baen to do things right when it comes to ebooks) and here’s what I picked up:


51hH6KJTfGL._SL160_ Sharon Lee & Steve Miller’s latest release, “Saltation”, the sequel to last year’s “Fledging”.  I’m a big fan of their Liaden books (think fantasy of manners set in space), and this was on my list of April books to get.  Instead of buying this one as a standalone, I bought the Webscription April 2010 bundle, which had six other books as well, for a grand total of $15.

 51SEG-c6xVL._SL160_Because that wasn’t enough, I also bought Nathalie Mallet’s “The King’s Daughters”, a follow up to her first book “The Princes of the Golden Cage”, which I enjoyed reading way back when.  I’ve been meaning to buy this one for ages, but have never quite gotten around to it until now.  The first book was a mystery-fantasy combo, and it sounds as though this will be similar – I’m hoping so.

519ccxjywXL._SL160_ I then recalled hearing good things about P.C. Hodgell’s (warning: music plays on website) Godstalker fantasy series along the lines of “thank goodness this series is being re-released”, so I also bought the first one (I think), “The God Stalker Chronicles”.

51ofbvRGyJL._SL160_ And finally, I picked up the anthology “Tails of Wonder and Imagination”, edited by Ellen Datlow, even though I’m not a cat person and I’ve a slight allergy to cutesy titles.  But again, I’ve read good reviews on this one, and hey, Neil Gaiman is a contributor.  Along with many many others.

With Baen’s very consumer-friendly pricing policy on ebooks (individual books generally priced at $6), my haul came to $33 for ten books.  Bargain.

17 thoughts on “A Book Splurge

  1. Yay, Bean. I love Baen.

    With all that’s going on, I’m so glad three of my autobuy authors are with Baen. At least I know those ebooks will be available and rasonable.

    I’ll be interested what you think of the P.C. Hodgell. I keep thinking maybe I should try it, but never actually buying it.

  2. Glad to find another Liaden fan! I want to be patient and wait for the autographed hardcover of Saltation which should be coming do me in due time. I doubt I’ll make it though. I will have to get an ebook version of Saltation because I have all the other Liaden books on my Kindle already. Happy reading!

  3. Kerry – Yay for Baen indeed! Who are your three autobuys at Baen? I know you’re a Catherine Asaro fan, I’m guessing Lois McMaster Bujold for another, do you read Lee & Miller as well or is it someone else?

    I’ve been meaning to try PC Hodgell for ages, I will definitely post when I get around to reading it.

    Kathy – Oh, I love the Liaden books. I went over to your blog and noticed you’ve already read Mouse & Dragon – I was very very tempted to add the ARC to my shopping cart, but I am doing my best to wait until the finished copy comes out! Not sure if I’ll make it though.

  4. LOL, someone was definitively in the mood for fantasy 😀 bLooking forward to read your thoughts. I haven’t found a new fantasy series that sound interesting in a long time… so some recommendations would be great 😀

  5. Nath – Yes I was! Or maybe just in a book buying mood 😉

    Have you read anything by Lee & Miller before? Their Liaden series is great, and I recall “Fledgling” (which I appear to have missed off my list of books read in 2009!) was quite a good book to ease into the series.

  6. Brilliant selection. I’m just now reading Saltation which seems typically Liaden-great. I have to get myself that first Nathalie Mallet, now you endorse it, too.

    Enjoy the Godstalker Chronicles!

  7. Estara – Oh, we seem to have quite a few favourite authors in common. I am definitely bumping up the PC Hodgell on my TBR list after reading your strong rec over at the Smugglers!

    • Yay ^^. And if you get bitten by the bug, the catching up via ebooks isn’t all that expensive. Good value for money, I say, as long as you enjoy her style.

      • Estara – I bought the Samhain books when they came out, but they are sort of languishing in my TBR pile. I need to get around to them.

        And I have never heard of the Speer title, but I do like the excerpt – adding that one to my list 😀

      • I sort of looked into Drollerie Press via some review blog or other (most likely dearauthor.com) and liked the design of the titles and then read the excerpt and bought it when Fictionwise had a good deal on multi-format titles. And it really is a very good story of its kind ^^.

        I haven’t read the previous novel of the author’s at DP yet, though.

        There really are some authors out there we haven’t heard of in print, which are just as good as the print-published ones. The problem is finding them, heh ^^.

      • I just got this info from Fictionwise

        “FICTIONWISE WEEKEND: 15% OFF COUPON ‘april15off’!

        Enjoy 15% OFF ALL your eBooks this weekend with a 15% OFF coupon. To save, use coupon code: ‘april15off’ during the checkout process.”

        So maybe it would be a good time to experiment ^^

      • I can tell this will be bad for my wallet *off to browse Fictionwise*

        Agree with you on the e-only authors, with so many releases and publishers, it really boils down to word-of-mouth to find the good ones!

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