Utter Glee

51tv4U4L7yL._SL160_The new Elizabeth Peters arrived in my post today – and I have the whole weekend to savour it.

“A River in the Sky” is an Amelia Peabody book, and ever since I found out there would be a new book, I have been counting down the days.  It has been a whole four years since the last one came out, and I was pretty much resigned to never ever having a new Peabody to read again. 

61lZlurY4L._SL160_I caved and ordered the US edition (left), because it’s out a whole three weeks earlier than the UK version (which is released April 29).  It is probably a good thing I don’t care much about having a matched set of books – my Amelia Peabody books are a lovely mix of US and UK (both old and new) hardbacks and paperbacks. 

It’s the inside that really counts.  And I have a mad irrational love for this series.


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