Feed Readers and Changes

Bloglines was the first feed reader I stumbled upon way back when (i.e. when I first figured out what an RSS feed was), and I’ve been using it faithfully since.  Even when support sort of disappeared, and it stopped pulling in Livejournal updates, I still stuck with Bloglines because I’m lazy that way.

I set up a Google Reader account and transferred the LJ feeds over, but still kept Bloglines to read other blogs, which meant that my subscriptions were split between the two – a bit messy, but it worked.

Last week, Bloglines went offline for quite some time, and I finally bit the bullet and transferred all my subscriptions over to Google Reader. Which was a lot messier than it sounds, because of my existing setup that meant subscriptions were either on both readers or on one but not the other – I’m hoping that I haven’t lost any.  Also, I had quite a lot of unread posts in Bloglines, and all the Google Reader posts came up as new ones, at which point I sort of gave up and hit that wonderful button “Mark all as read”.  Relief.

So.  This was a rather long-winded way of saying I’ve probably missed most of the posts published over the past few days.  ;-)


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4 responses to “Feed Readers and Changes

  1. Umh, you should be able to download an OPML file from Bloglines and import that into Google Reader.

    I am pretty sure that Google Reader won’t subscribe you twice over to stuff you’ve already subscribed to in GReader, so you could just do that just to be sure.

  2. Li!!! Where are you?!!?

  3. Li

    Emily – Yes, I did the OPML import thing and I *think* it worked. Am quite happily getting to grips with GReader, so it’s all worked out for the best!

    Nath – LOL. Have been on a business trip and access to the internet has been sketchy. I was going to mention my absence, then ran out of time and thought my posts had been so sporadic recently that it wouldn’t be noticed :-) Normal service resumes shortly…

  4. Yay!! Can’t wait to have you back!!

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