Ack – I Forgot

51SZV7wBRkL._SL160_ This is what I get for procrastinating in writing up new releases that I’m planning on getting.

I forgot the May release: Ilona Andrews’ “Magic Bleeds”.  I even pre-ordered it, which I very rarely do nowadays.  So “Magic Bleeds” is officially out May 25, and an excerpt is here.  I am all excited and really hoping my mail doesn’t let me down.

In other news, I did cave and order “Warriors” from The Book Depository, partly thanks to Teresa who tipped me off about the price differentials between the .com and sites (I’ve just re-checked and the price is now down to £14, it was £21 when it was first released), but also because I saw it in-store and it is a massive tome.  At least two inches thick.  So I figured it was worth the price, clicked the Buy button, and it’s just arrived today.  Just in time for the weekend.


4 thoughts on “Ack – I Forgot

  1. I very rarely preorder books these days – one way in which I’m trying to keep my TBR under control (and failing I have to admit).

    But I have made an exception for Magic Bleeds. 🙂

  2. LesleyW – I think the last book I pre-ordered was Megan Whalen Turner’s “A Conspiracy of Kings”, but then I was pretty sure I wouldn’t stumble across it in the bookstore. This one, I want ASAP.

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