Lisa Kleypas – The Covers

I mentioned in a previous post that I really liked the recent covers that Lisa Kleypas’s UK publisher, Piatkus, were using, and I thought it would be fun to do one of those posts that form the mainstay of cover discussions – US versus UK.


Taking her current historical series, The Hathaways, here are the US covers:












They’re lovely covers and certainly shout “historical romance”, but IMO, wouldn’t stand out in the Romance section.  The first three have a level of cohesiveness that indicate they’re part of the same series.  Granted, not massively strong, but if you put them side-by-side, they have similarities – (headless) female model, a lovely lush evening gown, with a one-colour theme. 

For the fourth, St Martin’s Press seems to have decided to go with a different cover style – no models, instead, the title is on an invitation-style card, with flowers in the background (the cover for the next book in the series is also in the same style).


What about the UK covers?  Here you go:












The differences between the UK and US markets have never been clearer…

This time around, the first book is the odd one out.  “Mine Till Midnight” has a much more subdued colour palette compared to the other three, and it’s rather restrained, which I’m not sure conveys the right feeling for a Kleypas romance.  I recall comparing this to the US cover when it first came out, and wanting the US version. 

So, not a winner for me, and the cover art department may have agreed, because the second cover is very different.  I liked this one, not least because it shows the model engrossed in a book.  And oh, I actually saw the same picture on another recent book, but for the life of me, can’t remember which one.  All I recall was that it was a completely different genre, which amused me (yes, I’m easily amused) and that they tweaked the colours.  Any ideas, anyone?

And then for the third and the fourth books, finally some consistency.  And I like, I really do.  The ornate dresses, the rich colour schemes, the lace and gloves, they work for me.  I’m hoping they use this style for the next one, “Love in the Afternoon”, but I can’t find a cover online.

I was going to cover Ms Kleypas’s contemporaries as well, but this has been longer than I expected and that’ll have to wait for another post.

What do you think of these and which are your favourites?


13 thoughts on “Lisa Kleypas – The Covers

  1. I like the US ones better. I don`t know if the UK ones have an inside step cover like the US ones do, but inside step for Tempt me at Twilight leaves my insides weak – heh heh heh.

  2. KristieJ – Oooh, stepcovers. Good point. The UK ones don’t have stepcovers. I’ve the US version of Sunrise, and I like how they’re like a hidden bonus!

  3. Hmmm, I don’t mind either the UK or US covers. I have to say, I think I’m getting used to the half-head cover models LOL…

    With Married by Morning, it seems to me the publisher is taking a step back to oldie covers. I mean, I don’t mind it… but why in the middle of the series?!!?

  4. Nath – I quite like it when the face isn’t pictured, I can use my imagination. Unlike the recent Julia Quinn duology that had the movie adaptation-style covers. I don’t quite understand why the change mid-series either…

  5. The Married by Morning US cover is so boring. I like the other US covers well enough, though they don’t blow me away.

    Strangely enough, I actually like the UK 2-4 covers more when looked at as a group. They make more of an impact on me. Each cover focuses tighter on the model than its predecessor. Makes for a cool effect. (Cover #1 is “meh”.)

    It drives me nuts when they make a style change mid-series, too.

  6. Nath – LOL, I did think I worded that slightly misleadingly! No, I meant that the covers of “The Lost Duke of Wyndham”/”Mr Cavendish, I Presume” reminded me of the covers they give books that have been adapted into movies – you know, with the actual actors etc.

    Renee – Yeah, agree the fourth US cover is on the bland side. With Lisa Kleypas though, I’m guessing her name is way more important than any cover…

  7. Li said: “With Lisa Kleypas though, I’m guessing her name is way more important than any cover…”

    lol. That’s so true! Heck, just give it to me in a 3 ring binder on lined paper, with her name scrawled across the front.

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