A Tiny Book Haul

A really small one.  I mean, is it even a book haul if it’s only two books? 

I wasn’t really planning on getting any books, just killing some time in a bookstore… but when you find yourself reluctant to put a book down after reading the first few pages, that probably means something.

5120pOSEe9L._SL160_I picked up Holly Lisle’s “The Ruby Key” because the cover grabbed my attention, it’s sort of manga-like (to my untrained eyes, anyway!) and I was wondering if it was a graphic novel.  It’s not, but I started reading the first chapter and was promptly drawn into the world of Genna and her brother Dan.  The Kirkus Review quote on the back sealed the deal:

“[F]antasy fans will find both a satisfying adventure quest and the lively coming-of-age story of the reluctant heroine Genna.” 

I’m a complete sucker for coming-of-age stories.

I may have read some of Ms Lisle’s adult fantasy novels way back when, but nothing of hers recently.  Has anyone read this one yet?  It’s labelled the first book in the Moon & Sun series, and a couple of chapters in, I’m really liking it.  Genna is a very engaging lead character and the world-building very good.

51aq5G3nCmL._SL160_ And because I can never go to the till with just one book, I grabbed Lynn Flewelling’s latest Nightrunner novel, “The White Road”.  I was thinking of getting this in e-format, because I am rapidly running out of bookshelf space, but decided what the heck.

513BAuOK6lL._SL160_ Oh, and this made my jaw drop a bit when I spotted them on the new releases shelves.  Dorchester is re-releasing Dara Joy’s futuristic romance books – I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere, but does this mean the long-running battle between Dorchester and Ms Joy has been resolved?  Or has Dorchester just decided that it’s going to cash in on the current appetite for paranormals and is going through its backlist to see what’s available regardless of its relationship with the writer?

2 thoughts on “A Tiny Book Haul

  1. LOL, I’d say it’s not really a haul 🙂 A great purchase yes, but not a haul… and I know about haul LOL. Just kidding 🙂

    But yes, if you don’t want to put down a book after reading a few pages, it’s a good sign.

    Hmmm… what were you thinking, Li, to go kill time in a bookstore? 😛

  2. LOL Nath – completely agree you know all about hauls 😉 It’s been a while since I bought actual paper books though – so it was a slightly unusual feeling to walk out with a bag!

    And I was thinking that there were no books I really wanted to get… hah!

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