Books for June

Here’s a much more timely post than I’ve managed for the past two months running.  However, is it just me or are June releases thin on the ground?


41JHNOwcdqL._SL160_The only book I have on my must-get list is Jacqueline Carey’s “Naamah’s Curse” (fantasy) – the second book of her latest Kushiel trilogy, this is an auto-buy for me. 

51Ezx8npQML._SL160_I thought the first book, “Naamah’s Kiss”, had a slightly different feel to Ms Carey’s previous Kushiel books, maybe because the narrator was Alban-born and had a more pragmatic worldview than the previous two narrators, but I was still pretty much swept along from the first page, and can’t wait to read the follow-up. 

I’m delighted the UK edition (cover on the left) is being released in the same month as the US one, else I’d be very tempted to shell out the cash for the US version. 

Out now US, June 24 UK (excerpt here)


51AQMVcQmPL._SL160_ I’ve already bought Sharon Lee & Steve Miller’s “Mouse & Dragon”, which officially hits the (physical) shelves June 1.  I’ve also seen their “The Dragon Variation” in-store – it’s an omnibus edition collecting “Local Custom”, “Scout’s Progress”, and “Conflict of Honors” into one volume.  I was tempted, but I do have slightly beaten-up paper copies of the three already, so decided to pass.  Though I have just noticed the ebook version is $6, which is really too good to pass up…


I grabbed Lynn Flewelling’s “The White Road” yesterday while browsing in the bookstore, and really, that was the last of the June releases on my list.

51sEN7yeML._SL160_ Janet Evanovich’s latest Stephanie Plum, “Sizzling Sixteen”, is out June 22 but I’m hesitant to buy hardcover because the recent books have been, well, lacking, shall we say?  Same with Laurell K Hamilton’s latest Anita Blake book, “Bullet”, which I’ve also seen out on shelves now, in its bright-red glory.  I’m holding out on both of these until I see more reviews.

I must be missing some June releases surely – what other books are you planning on getting this month?


8 thoughts on “Books for June

  1. Wow! I love that UK cover of Bullet. I’m getting my (audio) copy from the library. Sizzling Sixteen as well.

    I’m with you about the last couple Stephanie Plum’s being a tad lacking. I’m probably not going to bother at all with Diesel’s books, since I’m not so crazy about the Between the Numbers stories. I need my dose of Ranger. 😉

    White Road was really good! I love that series so much!

    I’ve had Kushiel’s Dart on my shelf for ages, but still haven’t read it! Love the US cover for Naamah’s Curse.

  2. Renee – I’ve been a bit ambivalent about the recent LKH books, but I have to admit the redesigned covers really stand out – they all have the red borders, with a different image framed within. Very nicely done.

    I started White Road last night, but am struggling to remember the whole cast of characters as it’s been a while, so am glad to hear you enjoyed it! I guess I need to get into the story more.

    Estara – I’m glad you find these posts useful! I use them to remind me what books I planned on buying during the month, not that it’s a massive list this time around 🙂

  3. Hi Li!
    I love the UK cover for Bullet, too! I don’t read LKH, though. I just never got around to trying anything by her.

    I agree that June is slim pickings for new releases. I’m probably missing something, but the only book on my June radar is Twice Tempted by a Rogue by Tessa Dare. Do you read historical romance at all? I can’t recall you mentioning any…

  4. You’re not going to look for the last Hathaways book by Lisa Kleypas? I think June is a slow month… especially given it’s the summer. I’m really looking forward to July! LOL.

  5. Hey Christine – I have been meaning to try Tessa Dare after the pretty good reviews her first trilogy received. This is part of a new trilogy, correct? I like how she has releases that come out so close together, but she must write really fast.

    Nath – Oh yes, good spot! I’m going to get Married by Morning first, and then see if I *have* to read the next immediately, as the UK release is later in the year.

    Re June being light, I agree especially considering most people are looking for summer holiday reading! July is better, I think…

  6. Lots of books here in this post, and in the blog in general, that are new to me.
    Today I bought:
    The Snack Thief by Andrea Camilleri – a mystery novel set in Sicily, the writer is Italian. Very entertaining.
    Horse Latitudes by Paul Muldoon – he’s an Irish poet. Just excellent. Worked for a while with Warren Zevon, and lives mainly in the United States these days I think.

  7. blackwatertown – I hadn’t heard of either of the books before, but googled the authors – the first definitely intrigues me. I’m always on the look out for new-to-me mystery series, this one sounds good!

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