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Heather @ The Galaxy Express has asked for suggestions for “must read” science fiction romance, and the discussion thread is getting pretty interesting.  It’s been flagged that the list of authors is almost exclusively female as well, which, to be honest, is not a massive surprise to me. 

I’m thinking the list so far is very much a YMMV list – I adore some of the authors listed, but am more on the fence about others.  My standard SFR author recs – Catherine Asaro, Lois McMaster Bujold, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller – are already on the list, though I did propose Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman’s Star of the Guardians quartet for inclusion.  Has anyone else ever read it?  I think they’re OOP now, but I remember being totally caught up in the whole saga and devouring all four novels within a very short period of time (seriously, Maigrey and Sagan set the standard for star-crossed lovers, and you then add a lost royal heir, intergalactic battles, and a gang of very cool mercenaries).  I’ve found the Wikipedia entry for the series (here, but major spoilers) and just reading the very terse plot summary makes me want to re-read (alas, my copies are packed away somewhere in my parents’ home – safely, I hope!).


On a different note, Kelley Armstrong is doing the graphic novel thing – she’s writing an original Otherworld story with the Dabel Brothers.  If my memory serves me correctly, the Dabel Brothers did the first of Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake graphic novels before they parted company with Marvel or something, and left the Anita rights with Marvel?  In fact, I think it’s the same artist, Brett Booth.  And they did the first Mercy Thompson graphic novel “Homecoming” too, before that moved somewhere else as well, IIRC.

Anyway.  As an introduction to the Otherworld universe, they’re doing a limited-edition Otherworld Primer, which is being exclusively offered to Ms Armstrong’s fans before being officially announced.  I’m sort of on the fence – it’s around £16, which is on the pricey side.  Decisions.

And a final link: While trying to verify my patchy information about Dabel Brothers above, I came across this interview linked on Patricia Briggs’ website – it’s with the writer doing the upcoming adaptations of “Cry Wolf” and “Moon Called”, David Lawrence.  There are some great sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes links.

8 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. Ohhh, thank you for bringing this up to my attention Li!! I really should start visiting discussion board ^_^;

    Hmmm… I’m on the fence about the whole thing… I like the series and Kelley Armstrong to bit… and would love to have these for the stories… but the art? Ugh… Guess I’m going to have to think about it over the week-end…

  2. Hey Nath – I wasn’t too blown away by the art, I have to admit. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the Anita Blake graphic novels, but they’re very similar, which would make sense as it is the same artist! At the moment, all three characters look very alike to me, maybe we need to see them coloured in first…

  3. Thanks so much for your input on my must-read SFR list. It was great to have so much participation. So much more fun than just putting my own one up.

    I really appreciate the link love as well.

  4. Yes! I have read the STAR OF THE GUARDIANS series … ohh, that was my favorite of theirs, and probably why I like SFR so much. I think I read it oh, 15 years ago when I was in HS. Great series, and what an ending.

  5. Heather – My pleasure! Thank YOU for starting it, I’m really enjoying reading the suggestions thrown out and rapidly adding to my list of must-read books.

    Janicu – Yay, a fellow fan! I swear, this is the best part of blogging. I probably read the books about the same time as you, and the fact they still stand out in my mind is testament to how much I loved the characters and the story. I also liked the spin-off books focusing on the mercenary team, but the Star of the Guardian series itself had everything – and more.

    I think I read the first three in one go, and then only came across the fourth some time later, and ahhh… so it wasn’t a complete HEA but Maigrey/Sagan were completely meant to be. Okay, I need to stop going on about these books because I’m not going to be able to do a re-read anytime soon…

  6. I think I’m going to skip on the primer. I’m still not certain about Forbidden. I want it because of the story… argh.

    I don’t know about the whole comic thing… because then, it’ll be visual you know? Right now, I can still imagine it… but once there’s an image? Hmmm.

  7. Nath – LOL, I know exactly what you mean! I have the Mercy Thompson graphic novel and now my mental image of Adam is completely based on that. And the same goes for True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse books.

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