More Lisa Kleypas Covers

I posted about Lisa KleypasHathaway UK and US covers recently, and was going to continue with her contemporaries, except I’ve just seen the UK cover of “Love in the Afternoon” and the re-issued Wallflowers covers, and had to add them.


519Zxl6S2XL._SL160_51JD0WgATLL._SL160_I included the first four covers in the Hathaway series, but left out the fifth book because I couldn’t find the UK cover. 

Well, here are both the “Love in the Afternoon” covers – no contest for me, I love the UK one (left)!  The colours really pop, and the style is pretty consistent with the last three in the series (we’ll put the UK cover of the first book to one side, shall we?).  So yes, total win.


As for the Wallflower books, here you go:

US covers












UK covers











What do you think?  I like how both US and UK covers work the “seasons” theme, but the UK ones appeal to me more.  I’m loving the vibrant colours of the summer cover and the mistiness of autumn.  I can’t find the UK cover of the fourth book, but I would imagine (and hope) it’s in the same style of the previous three.


And finally, before I forget, the contemporaries:

US covers – the first two are similar (and bright!), while the third has the same fonts but different design:












UK covers – and I am slightly confused, as there appear to be two sets, which I hadn’t realised before…

Original set:











The first two being rather women’s fiction (and even signalling a post-war setting, or it that just me?), and the third err… quite different.  I liked the first, though I believe it is a stock photo, as I recall having seen another very similar cover.  The first two certainly don’t scream contemporary romance, even if they do appeal to me – I like the image and the clean look.  Just doesn’t do the stories justice, IMO.  The third now, a bit too M&B for me, especially with the male/baby cover.


Latest UK ones, possibly mass market paperbacks:











Very different, huh?  A lot more contemporary, definitely romance for the first and the third, though the second still says women’s fiction to me.


Your thoughts?


11 thoughts on “More Lisa Kleypas Covers

  1. With the exception of Love in the Afternoon – of which I like the UK cover better, I prefer the US covers. I think the UK covers for Sugar Daddy, Blue Eyed Devil and Smooth Talking Stranger in particular are just plain bad.

  2. The US cover for Love in the Afternoon (like the Married by Morning cover) is boring! I really like the UK one. Same goes for the Wallflowers series.

    I’m not crazy about either original US or UK covers for the contemps, but I really like the UK reissues!

    It’s really fun to see them all together like this! 🙂

  3. KristieJ – It’s interesting because I can’t really think of a “standard look” for UK contemporary romance covers, because they’re not massive here – unless you’re talking Harlequin/M&B, the romance market tends towards US imports, so Piatkus is really coming up with something new for the marketplace. If you don’t like the Kleypas covers, I dread to think what you’d say about the Nora Roberts ones 😀

    Renee – None of the contemps really grab me, my favourite is the UK Sugar Daddy, if you put the fact it doesn’t really suit the story to one side! I haven’t seen the latest set on the shelves, so not sure if they come out better in real life.

    I kept on coming up with more covers I wanted to show side-by-side, it’s just so interesting how different publishers are marketing the books.

  4. Hmmm, it seems to me the contemp mass market releases seem to be a bit more chicklit than romance. I think it’s the font… a bit too whimsical. For the Hathaways book, I like the UK covers… but the Wallflowers, US 😛

    Seems like the UK covers center a lot on the heroines, right? 🙂

  5. Nath – Good point on the heroine-centric covers, Piatkus certainly appear to be heading in that direction for their contemps. I love how everyone has slightly different opinions on which set they prefer – I can so easily see marketing departments going crazy!

  6. I think I prefer the US Wallflower ones, mainly because the UK ones just don’t say romance to me.

    The original contemporary covers for the UK don’t reflect the book at all (the first two at least), but the second are better.

    Totally agree that La Nora has had some very average covers in the UK.

  7. Marg – I think the covers for Nora Roberts’ latest Bride books are better, but still not fantastic. I am racking my brains trying to think of some good UK contemporary romance covers, I think I need to go and spend some time in the Romance section of Waterstones!

  8. I prefer the UK covers for the historicals and the US ones for the contemporaries!

    Although I’m not usually a fan of fussy covers, I love the US ones for Nora Roberts’ Bridal Quartet.

  9. SarahT – Interesting, I had a look at the Nora Roberts covers, and UK and US share the same cover for books 1 and 3, but not for book 2 – which happens to be my favourite UK cover of the lot!

    • They have the same pictures on the covers but the UK editions don’t have the deckle-edge finish, or whatever it’s called. I don’t usually like that look but it works for this series.

      • Heh – I didn’t know there was a name for that sort of finish! I remember the first time I saw a book with those edges, and I thought something had gone wrong in the production process 🙂

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