Oh Hello

Well, that was a completely unplanned blog absence – it only hit me today that it’s been almost three weeks since I last posted. 

I can only blame it on the Heat – and yes, that’s heat with a capital H.  I know I say this every summer, but it has been a proper heatwave for the past few weeks, and London is not built to cope with temperatures of more than, say 22 degrees (that would be Celcius, by the way).  Certainly not temperatures of near 30 degrees for what feels like a good long month.

So the fact I have not felt like doing very much in this weather, combined with the fact that Wimbledon is completely distracting me (World Cup?  What World Cup?), well, it only adds up to my annual blogging slump.

Anyway, random things on my mind:

Juliet Marillier mentions that her next book “Seer of Sevenwaters” is available for pre-order (out in December, yay!) BUT there is no UK release.  Whyever not, people?!!  I’ve no idea how her sales are doing here, but she is an excellent author.  And I’ve loved her UK covers best for her past two releases.  Sigh.  I’m guessing I will end up with the US edition this time around. 

Speaking of Ms Marillier, she has a Sevenwaters novella in the “Legends of Australian Fantasy” anthology, but I am not seeing this in stock on Amazon or The Book Depository.  And shipping from the Australian bookstores she links to is as much as the book itself, making it around £32 in total.  As much as I love Sevenwaters, I have to draw the line somewhere.  Fingers crossed it becomes available more widely.

Oh, and since we’re on book availability, I caved and ordered Meg Burden’s “Northlander” based on Angie’s review and after she got her hands on the sequel.  Which I liked very much, by the way, despite it feeling a bit like two separate stories linked together.  I do agree with Angie that it reads somewhat like early Tamora Pierce (who is one of my favourite YA fantasy authors, so that is a good thing, trust me).   But now, the sequel is out of stock again at the two online bookstores mentioned above.  Arrghh.  (And yes, it’s still listed as in stock at the other two US bookstores Angie linked to.  And yes, I’m a cheapskate and don’t want to pay for shipping.)

Gosh, this is a bit of a grumpy post, isn’t it?  It’s the heat, I tell you.  I’ll be in a better mood the next time, promise.


6 thoughts on “Oh Hello

  1. Although I am not in London, the heat is absolutely killer. I usually go into a reading frenzy this time of year with romance books, which are delicious reads but doesn’t help the heat wave. I laughed out loud when you mentioned that you don’t want to pay for the shipping! I thought that was just me. I’ve been loving the Amazon Kindle app. Free sample chapters of tons of books, reduced prices for the paperless reads, a variety of places to download the app, and instant access with purchase (no tax and shipping).

  2. I also recently read a Marillier and NORTHLANDER, and reviewed them at my blog 🙂 What coincidence.

    I am also sad that some of Marillier’s work is only available in Australia, as I live in the U.S.

  3. Firepages – I think we have just become so used to free shipping! I remember back when it used to be £25 minimum purchase for free shipping from Amazon, and I used to wait and wait until I reached that limit before ordering, whereas now I just expect free shipping for each order. I am very tempted by the Kindle – must give the app a go, thanks for the tip.

    Emily – Oh, I was going to comment on your Northlander review, except my browser crashed and I forgot which blogs I was on! Going there now…

  4. LOL, Li. You want to talk about heat wave? This week, we’re having temperature over 35C and with humidity index, 40C!!!! Can you believe it? 40C! Actually, there was a tv clip during the news where they cook an egg on the asphalt of a construction site! I’m going to die this week!

    Wimbledon is over… I wasn’t able to catch too much, because I work during the play hours (that really sucks)… It was a great tournament, except that Serena Williams and Nadal won again. I mean, they are great athletes, but seriously, new faces please!

    and OMG, that 11h05 match?!?! Awesome!!

  5. Sorry about the heat and the being stymied in your book hunt.

    I’m glad you enjoyed NORTHLANDER. You’re right about the pacing. It came off in the end, I think. And I’m into the sequel right now and very interested in the direction a few characters are taking…

  6. Nath – Okay, I concede – your heatwave beats mine 😉 I loved the tennis – and the Mahut-Isner match was slightly mindboggling.

    Angie – Oh, I would hate you for that teaser… except The Book Depository just emailed me to say The King Commands is back in stock and I have obviously raced over to place my order 😀

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