Baen has just released the e-ARC* for Lois McMaster Bujold’s November release “Cryoburn”.  Do I or don’t I?

You have no idea how much I want this book.  But I am wondering if I should wait for the final version.  I have no idea how unfinished this ARC is and I would hate to have the new Miles book that I have been waiting on forever be full of glitches and typos. 



*Baen releases electronic ARCs for sale ($15) three months or so before the actual release.  The final version is priced at around $6 (ebook version).  Rather cool as die-hard fanatics can get their fix early and I believe authors get royalties on the e-arcs as well.


11 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. The $15 price would settle it for me. That’s a lot for a file of uncertain quality. Unless they replace it with the final version when it comes out?

  2. It was an easy decision. I had to have it. It was completely readable. The only thing that I noticed was the use of hyphens instead of em dashes. I will eagerly read the book when it comes out too. Of course, I will likely read the eARC at least once more before November. It was a little more expensive than the usual Baen books but I couldn’t wait. I have been waiting too long to find out what was next for Miles.

  3. Going by the reviews I’d wait. Most seem to say it’s on a par with Diplomatic Immunity which I must admit I was a little disappointed with, BUT anything that followed A Civil Campaign was always going to have a tough job to do.

    I’m slightly worried that everyone says they are crying at the end.

  4. If the book is coming out in November, chances are it is getting printed now or very soon, the printers must have the final version already. So grammarwise and plotwise it must have all been checked and rechecked, it would not have to be like a *real* physical ARC which would need to get printed way ahead of final edits. e-book versions will need their own editing, but I think it really likely Baen will be extra careful with their most famous author and this is a chance of they really publicizing their ebook pricing model.

    Their model makes sense to me, there are some books I would pay much more than 15 dollars to read them on ebook like NOW. Not sure if the market will follow that direction.

    I won´t be buying it though, I have not really loved her books say since Chalion as much as the earliest. Diplomatic Immunity just did not work for me.

  5. Opposing views, I love them 😉

    MaryK – No, you have to buy the final version separately. The Baen pricing thing though – the ebook will be $6, even if it’s a hardcover release, so even if I end up paying $15 for the eARC +$6 for the final version, the total would be equivalent to a normal hardcover anyway. Ermm. Not that I have been trying to justify this or anything 😀

    Kathy – Now that’s useful to know. As I tend to confuse hyphens with em dashes, I somehow don’t think that would bug me. I am glad you think it was worth it!

    LesleyW – I have been determinedly avoiding reviews in fear of spoilers! I did read something that said “Don’t read the ending first, though”. So comparisons to Diplomatic Immunity, huh? It didn’t blow me away, but yep, agree – hard act to follow.

    T – That’s an interesting take, certainly Baen is the only publisher I know of that does this. And a very good point re the readiness, backed up by Kathy’s comment!

    Re Chalion, I need to do a re-read – I read them ages ago (way before the Miles books), and they’re a vague and distant memory now. And I’m wondering if I missed something because I know some people actually prefer them to Miles *shock*

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  7. Indeed, this is a big dilemma 🙂 However, a good one to have. That’s pretty good thing that Baen is doing imo.

    I say, if you know you’re going to read it right away, go for it 😀

  8. Nath – I was sort of thinking that too! Last weekend was mad, and I’m not going to have time this weekend either, so really, I need to revisit this end of August 🙂

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