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Links I’ve loved recently:

Ilona Andrews did an “off the top of her head” take on YA pretty boy vampires.  You know what?  If she actually wrote it, I would so buy.  Loved.  And by the way, the excerpt from “Bayou Moon” is also up.

41FMltFukDL._SL160_ Angie’s review of “Jane” by April Lindner makes me all sorts of excited about the book.  I loved the cover from the first moment I set my eyes on it, and the fact that it sounds as though the story inside lives up to the promise of the cover makes me very happy.

And finally, the half-price or better ebook sale at WH Smiths?  Let’s just say I’ve had to practise a fair bit of restraint.


10 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. Emily and err Em 🙂 – Angie made it sound good, didn’t she! It was sort of on my radar because of the cover (yes, me = sucker), but now most definitely.

    Nath – Heh. I bought Jacqueline Carey’s “Naamah’s Curse”, Julia Quinn’s and Suzanne Brockmann’s latest releases, and Jaida Jones & Danielle Bennett’s “Dragon Soul”. And then forced myself to stop.

  2. Yes, and let’s be thankful they don’t only sell to the UK but the rest of Europe, too! ^^ I read about it in a link collection at and went and bought four ebooks right away – now if they only had a wishlist to collect all the books I might be eventually interested in….

  3. Nath – Their website isn’t the greatest for navigation, else it could have been a lot worse…

    Estara – A wishlist would probably be deadly for my wallet. But yes, it’s great for non-US ebook readers. And I am pretty pleased that they had Naamah’s Curse, because I was about to cave and buy the paperback version as it was so much cheaper than the e-version!

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