Books for October

Yes, I’m aware that sidebar to the right still reads August Books I Want.  How on earth did October sneak up on me?

The new releases this month that I’m all excited about:


51J4L3Ke1ZL._SL160_ Lois McMaster Bujold’s “Cryoburn” (SF): I know, after all that agonising about whether to buy the e-ARC from Baen, I managed to hold off.  More to do with lack of free time than anything to do with willpower, I hasten to add.  And probably also helped along by the fact the release date has been moved up to Oct 19.

The first edition of the hardcover is somewhat insanely accompanied with a CD that pretty much holds Ms Bujold’s entire backlist and more.  I’m serious – you apparently get all the Vorkosigan books, except “Memory” (which actually is one of my favourites), various essays, speeches, and interviews. 

The back cover blurb:

Kibou-daini is a planet obsessed with cheating death. Barrayaran Imperial Auditor Miles Vorkosigan can hardly disapprove—he’s been cheating death his whole life, on the theory that turnabout is fair play. But when a Kibou-daini cryocorp—an immortal company whose job it is to shepherd its all-too-mortal frozen patrons into an unknown future—attempts to expand its franchise into the Barrayaran Empire, Emperor Gregor dispatches his top troubleshooter Miles to check it out.

On Kibou-daini, Miles discovers generational conflict over money and resources is heating up, even as refugees displaced in time skew the meaning of generation past repair. Here he finds a young boy with a passion for pets and a dangerous secret, a Snow White trapped in an icy coffin who burns to re-write her own tale, and a mysterious crone who is the very embodiment of the warning Don’t mess with the secretary. Bribery, corruption, conspiracy, kidnapping—something is rotten on Kibou-daini, and it isn’t due to power outages in the Cryocombs. And Miles is in the middle—of trouble!

Out Oct 19 (excerpt)


51Z7J7ZRV3L._SL160_ Deanna Raybourns “Dark Road to Darjeeling” (historical mystery): I admit Deanna Raybourn’s previous standalone book, “The Dead Travel Fast”, is still sitting in my TBR pile (no idea why – must get to it soon), but I’m planning on bumping the latest book in her Lady Julia Grey mystery series to the top of the pile.

Note that there are slight spoilers in blurb for previous books in the back cover blurb:

For Lady Julia Grey and Nicholas Brisbane, the honeymoon has ended…but the adventure is just beginning.

After eight idyllic months in the Mediterranean, Lady Julia Grey and her detective husband are ready to put their investigative talents to work once more. At the urging of Julia’s eccentric family, they hurry to India to aid an old friend, the newly-widowed Jane Cavendish. Living on the Cavendish tea plantation with the remnants of her husband’s family, Jane is consumed with the impending birth of her child—and with discovering the truth about her husband’s death. Was he murdered for his estate? And if he was, could Jane and her unborn child be next?

Amid the lush foothills of the Himalayas, dark deeds are buried and malicious thoughts flourish. The Brisbanes uncover secrets and scandal, illicit affairs and twisted legacies. In this remote and exotic place, exploration is perilous and discovery, deadly. The danger is palpable and, if they are not careful, Julia and Nicholas will not live to celebrate their first anniversary.

Out now (excerpt)


511JdeLKGvL._SL160_ Sharon Shinn’s “Troubled Waters” (fantasy): I’m not entirely sure if this is the start of a new series or not, but I’ll read anything Sharon Shinn writes.  I fell in love with her writing with the Samaria books, and although it took me a while to settle into her Twelve Houses universe, it’s now one of my favourite fantasy series.  So new Shinn fantasy book = must-get.

The back cover blurb:

Zoe Ardelay receives astonishing and unwelcome news: she has been chosen to become the king’s fifth wife. Forced to go to the royal city, she manages to slip away and hide on the shores of the mighty river.

It’s there that Zoe realizes she is a coru prime ruled by the elemental sign of water. She must return to the palace, not as an unwilling bride for the king, but a woman with power in her own right. But as Zoe unlocks more of the mysteries of her blood—and the secrets of the royal family—she must decide how to use her great power to rise above the deceptions and intrigue of the royal court.

Out now (PDF excerpt)


612xamlJyjL._SL160_ (1) Mercedes Lackey’s “Intrigues” (fantasy): I’m one of those girls who grew up reading about talking white horses (and completely swooning over angst-y Vanyel), so yes, I am a total sucker for a new Valdemar book, faults and all.  The previous book, “Foundation”, kicked off the Collegium Chronicles series, and while it wasn’t quite the same as the early Valdemar books, I’m still getting this one.

The back cover blurb:

Magpie is a thirteen-year-old orphan chosen by one of the magical Companion horses of Valdemar and taken to the capital city, Haven, to be trained as a Herald. Like all Heralds, Magpie learns that he has a hidden Gift-the Gift of telepathy.

But life at the court is not without obstacles. When Mags is "recognized" by foreign secret operatives whose purpose is unknown, Mags himself comes under suspicion. Who are Magpie’s parents-who is he, really? Can Mags solve the riddle of his parentage and his connection with the mysterious spies-and prove his loyalty-before the king and court banish him as a traitor?

Out now (book details on author’s site)


51lfKgVNNFL._SL160_ Mercedes Lackey’s “Trio of Sorcery” (urban fantasy): And look, a second Mercedes Lackey book, but something quite different.  Ms Lackey is one of those authors who wrote urban fantasy before we named it as such, and this book comprises three novellas, two with existing characters and one new.  I remember enjoying her Diana Tregarde books, so am glad she’s starting to write in these universes again.

The back cover blurb:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mercedes Lackey presents three exciting short urban fantasy novels featuring three resourceful heroines and three different takes on the modern world and on magics both modern and ancient.

Arcanum 101:  Diana Tregarde, practicing witch, romance novelist, Guardian of the Earth. Studying at Harvard, Diana is approached by Joe O’Brian, a young cop who has already seen more than one unusual thing during his budding career. The distraught mother of a kidnap victim is taking advice from a “psychic” and interfering in the police investigation. Will Diana prove that the psychic is a fake? Unfortunately, the psychic is not a fake, but a very wicked witch—and the child’s kidnapper.

Drums:  Jennifer Talldeer, shaman, private investigator, member of the Osage tribe. Most of Jennie’s work is regular PI stuff, but Nathan Begay brings her a problem she’s never seen before. His girlfriend, Caroline, is Chickasaw to his Navaho, but that’s not the problem. Somehow, Caroline has attracted the attention of an angry Osage ghost. Thwarted in love while alive, the ghost has chosen Caroline to be his bride in death.

Ghost in the Machine:  Ellen McBridge: computer programmer extraordinaire, techno-shaman. The programmers and players of a new MMORPG find that the game’s “boss,” a wendigo, is “killing” everyone—even the programmers’ characters with their god-like powers. A brilliant debugger, Ellen discoveres that the massive computing power of the game’s servers have created a breach between the supernatural world and our own. This wendigo isn’t a bit of code, it’s the real thing . . . and it’s on the brink of breaking out of the computers and into the real world.

Out Oct 26 (excerpt)

22 thoughts on “Books for October

  1. Good choices. I did read the eARC of Cryoburn and am eager to get my print copy with the CD. I just finished Troubled Waters and loved it. I also really enjoyed Intrigues. I’m tempted by the Lackey Trio of Sorcery but I’m afraid it is a reprint of stories I have already read. I have to do some more research or see a copy before I buy that one.

    • Oh, I can’t believe you’ve read all three already – they are sounding good! I’m not sure if Trio is a reprint or not either, I think the last story definitely features a new character, but I’m not familiar enough with her Diana Tregarde/Jennifer Talldeer stories to say if they’re new.

    • The Trio of Sorcery stories are new stories set in those old worlds of her. I’ll be buying the anthology just to finally get some more Jennifer Talldeer. I hope it lives up to the Sacred Ground novel.

  2. Thanks for pointing out the ebook cd on the hardcover of Cryoburn. I’d have waited too long otherwise. I do have the books in print, but I prefer reading e these days ^^.

    As a tit-for-tat may I suggest that you see if you can buy Sacred Ground by Mercedes Lackey which I think was her strongest urban fantasy so far (and until this anthology a one-off), you might still be able to get it used, or maybe it’s already re-released?

    The Sharon Shinn IS the start of a new series, but I’m not sure if there’ll be the same characters having adventures or just the same setting.

    I would have said I liked most of Sharon Shinn, too, but I really did not like Gateway, her most recent YA.

    I’ll be waiting to buy the second in the Collegium Chronicles in paperback, though.

    Another new (old) discovery this month of mine was a 1988 sf book with a female heroine which reminds me a lot of Anne McCaffrey’s Crystal Singer trilogy and has a subdued romance at the back – Fires of Nuala. Just very enjoyable space opera finally available in ebook form by Katherine Eliska Kimbriel and the Book View Cafe. Considering how much our tastes match, you might enjoy it.

    • I just read your review and I will have to get “Fires of Nuala” – it sounds excellent! Thanks for the rec.

      I think I have “Sacred Ground” somewhere – I was a massive Lackey fangirl and have pretty much all her books up to a certain point in time, when she sort of jumped the shark for me (not that you can tell for this post).

      I agree “Gateway” was not the strongest Sharon Shinn, nor was her previous YA, IIRC, but I have high hopes for “Troubled Waters”.

      • Yay, mission accomplished ^^ Spread the word if you liked it (whenever you get around to reading it – I know the TBR blues).

        My development was similar. I don’t buy every Lackey anymore, but occasionally some new book interests me. The ones that I don’t reread I have given away by now. I remain a fairly strong Valdemar fangirl.

        I sort of think Troubled Waters is more in the vein of her Twelve House series – or maybe I’m just hoping this will be the case.

      • Oh, ditto on the Valdemar stories – they’re the only Lackey ones that interest me nowadays really.

        We seem to have the same perception of “Troubled Waters”, I’m going to try to get hold of a copy this weekend, if the bookstore has it.

  3. Am impatiently waiting for Oct 19th so that I can read “Cryoburn” — wished I would have known that the hardback would carry the CD — about a month ago, I bought all of the Miles books at Baen for my Kindle so that I could do a re-read before “Cryoburn”. Bujold is my favorite author.

    Bought “Dark Road to Darjeeling” for my Kindle the day it came out — but have not had a chance to get to it yet. Deanna Raybourn is a new author for me — I just read the other Lady Julia Grey novels this year and really liked them.

    I will have to put “Trio of Sorcery” on my To Buy List since I read the Diana Tregarde books when they first came out and I have been hoping that Ms. Lackey would write some more about Jennifer Talldeer.

    Have never read Sharon Shinn, but since you seem to like the same type of books that I do, I am going to have to give her a try.

    October and November are going to be great reading months!

    • Oh, yay – another Bujold fan. She is up there with my all-time favourite authors, most definitely! I only came across her a few years ago, and glommed her entire backlist within a very short period of time.

      And I must dig out my copy of “Sacred Ground” – I do remember reading about Jennifer Talldeer but not in any great detail.

      Sharon Shinn – I started with her Samaria angel books, which are a really good mix of SFF and romance. Her Twelve Houses series is excellent fantasy too.

      I would love to know what your other favourite authors are as well, as I agree our tastes appear very similar!

      • I am a very eclectic genre reader, so you might or might not like my favorites — with that caveat, below are some of my favorite authors — this is just the tip of the iceberg, since I have been reading Romance, SF/Fantasy, Mystery, Horror, Westerns, etc. for 30+ years.

        I have only listed those that fall into the Fantasy and/or SF category

        Sharon Lee & Steve Miller — Liaden series

        Julia E Czerneda — Trade Pact series and Web Shifters series, could not get into the Species Imperative series

        Eric Flint — 1632 (Ring of Fire) series

        Patricia Briggs — everything! but really like the Alpha/Omega series

        Tanya Huff — Vicky Nelson series (Blood Series)

        Maria V. Snyder — Study Series and Glass Series

        Megan Whalen Turner — Attolia Series

        Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer — Sorcery and Cecelia series

        Of course, as soon as I sign off, I will think of some more.

        And, if you want some historical romance, contemp romance, romantic suspense, paranormal/Sf/Fantasy romance, I can give you those — I have been reading romance longer than any of the other genres.


      • Should have looked at your archived list of author posts — there are a fair number of authors on there that I really like to read:

        Jo Beverley, Mary Jo Putney, Barbara Michaels, Mary Stewart, Elizabeth Peters, Julia Garwood (love her historicals, not to fond of her contemporaries), Linda Howard (earlier stuff, later writings are not as good), Charlaine Harris (liked the earlier Sookie books but sort of lost steam and haven’t finished the later ones, but do like the Harper Connelly series and the Shakespeare series), Georgette Heyer, Julia Quinn, Stephanie Laurens, Amanda Quick (and hers under Jayne Ann Krentz and Jayne Castle), Nora Roberts (and the J D Robb Eve/Roarke series).

        I could go on and on about other authors that I love!!!

      • Another reader with tastes similar to mine, heh ^^. That’s how Bookdaze came up on my online book review reading radar, too.

      • Oh, excellent, thanks for the list! I’ve this theory that genre doesn’t really matter, and if you like, say, X, you’d like Y too, regardless of genre. And you and Estara are proving this to be true 🙂

        So of the authors you’ve listed above – the ones I haven’t yet read and obviously must try now:

        Julie Czerneda – I’ve one of her books sitting somewhere in my TBR, but have not gotten around to reading it – must dig out and read now. I can’t remember which title it is though.

        And I don’t think I’ve ever read anything by Eric Flint, though I’ve certainly seen his books around.

        That’s about it – I love the Liaden books, agree with you on everything Patricia Briggs, MWT’s Thief books, and the Sorcery & Cecelia books. Tanya Huff – I read pretty much all her books, though love her Smoke & Shadows trilogy best, I think (which is a spin-off of the Vicky books).

        Slightly more ambivalent on Maria Snyder’s books – when I read her books, I somehow cannot engage with her characters, though I do want to know what happens next.

        And yes, massive overlap on the mystery and romance front.

      • You are definitely missing out on some excellent female-centered sf if you don’t read Czerneda. She does great space opera and also big overarching plot and characters.

        If you want to dip your foot in there is one award-winning standalone novel (which has a male main hero though, although also a love story and strong female helper), In The Company Of Others.

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