Checking In

I’m indoors watching the tennis World Tour Finals semis being shown on the BBC – an excellent match between Murray and Nadal, as well as being an excellent way to spend a rather freezing winter afternoon.  But I’m feeling vaguely guilty at neglecting this blog, so here are some links of interest I’ve stumbled upon recently:

A Sharon Shinn interview at BSC Reviews – Ms Shinn is one of the authors who tend to keep a low profile online, so this is a relatively rare sighting.  She talks about her previous fantasy series, Twelve Houses, as well as her recent release “Troubled Waters”, and drops some tantalising hints about her upcoming urban fantasy (only due for release in 2012, though):

It’s set in present-day St. Louis and the main character is a 30-something woman named Maria who’s been in love with a shape-shifter since college. Except…she’s never actually seen him change shape. He leaves for weeks at a time, claiming to be off in his other form, and she’s chosen to believe him. But things start happening to make her question whether he’s telling the truth—and if he is telling the truth, if he’s done some terrible things—and if he’s done some terrible things, if she can still love him. No kickass heroine, no vampires, but a lot of emotional tension and a few intense love scenes.

I’m late to the party, but here is the first chapter of Sarah Rees Brennan‘s “The Demon’s Surrender”, out June 2011.  I fell in love with the previous book “The Demon’s Covenant”, and am counting down the days to this one.

Seanan McGuire talks about using a pseudonym (Mira Grant), and what it’s like being two people.  Fascinating.  I love her Toby Daye books (she describes them in that post as “fairy tale noir”, which is such a good way of describing them!), but have not felt the urge to read her Mira Grant book, “Feed”.  As much as I like her writing, I’m not at all keen on zombies…

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