A This and That Post

I went to the bookstore for the first time in ages yesterday (okay, three weeks – but it feels like forever), and while the December releases weren’t in-store yet, nothing quite beats browsing shelves full of new books.  I ended up buying Kalayna Price‘s “Grave Witch”, which came to my attention a couple of months back.

I had seen Ms Price’s book featured on quite a few blogs then, and while I usually end up hitting the “Mark as Read” button when I see the same book featured on every other blog, the sheer number of blog posts wore me down and I actually read the blurb.  Which intrigued me enough to read the first few pages when I saw the book on the New Releases shelves, which in turn was enough to have me bringing it to the till.

Apart from that, a couple of excellent links I came across:

December Lights Project (apologies, can’t remember where I first saw this link),where a number of authors are putting up free short stories this month.  As they explain:

At this time of year – as the sky goes dark by 4.30 pm in Wales, where we live, and the cold wraps around us, chilling to the bone – what we really want more than anything else are stories that make us laugh and feel good about the world.
So we thought we’d gather some, and share them with with you, as our December Lights Project.

Every December Lights Project story is sure to have a happy ending. As we reached out to other authors to join our project, we asked for stories that were light-hearted and upbeat, stories that could fill us with warmth no matter how cold the weather. (Or cool us down, for those living in Australia or New Zealand!)

I’ve read the first, Sarah Prineas‘s  “Jane: A Story of Manners, Magic, and Romance” (the title was enough to win me over!) and have bookmarked the page to read the rest when I have some spare time.

And John Scalzi has put up a post on his massively popular Whatever blog for authors to offer suggestions for your holiday book list (or just books for yourself!).  I’ve been reading the thread, and several have caught my eye…

2 thoughts on “A This and That Post

  1. That was a good idea by Scalzi, and of course Dear Author has a similar thread each month (one for authors and one for readers) to collect recommendations. Thanks for that project link, I hadn’t come across it before.

    Aside: I love your tiny snowflake javascript ^^.

    • Hey Estara – yes, I like the DA threads too.

      I dug around for a bit more background on the December Lights project, and it looks as though it was started up by Stephanie Burgis, a children’s author, and her husband:

      And I had forgotten about the snowflakes until they appeared! They’re a WordPress.com Christmas special – I think we get them from Dec 1 every year until either New Year or Christmas 🙂

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