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Major spoilers for Anne Bishop‘s “Twilight’s Dawn” at Dear Author – I normally avoid spoilers like the plague for books that I plan to get, but I’m glad I read this one as I would have hated to be blindsided by the last story in this collection.  Having read the spoiler, I’m in two minds about whether I’m going to be getting this book when it comes out next March.  I haven’t been blown away by the recent Black Jewels books, so maybe it’s time to call a halt instead of reading something that goes somewhere I don’t want it to go.

I don’t think I’ve linked to this previously (though my memory has been like a sieve recently so I wouldn’t guarantee that), but here’s an interview with Lois McMaster Bujold at Worlds Without End.  She describes the Ivan work-in-progress as a series prequel, with the “…mode so far as comedy/romantic-suspense or something like that”.  No contract yet, so it sounds as though it’ll be a while until we see this one on the shelves.  You know, I adore Miles, but just thinking about having Ivan as the main protagonist puts this crazy grin on my face.

I’ve been seeing reviews start popping up for Stephanie Perkins‘ “Anna and the French Kiss”, led by Angie’s review (or maybe it’s because I see a review at Angieville, and then start paying more attention?).  I’m curious, but put off by the price – it’s around £10 and not available in e-format here, so I’m holding off for now.


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  1. Yeah, I read that spoiler too about the Anne Bishop book. One thing for sure, I’m not going to rush to buy it. I’m really disappointed…. not only because of the direction the author has taken, but also because I thought this book would be the conclusion to the trilogy with Cassie, Gray and Theran. Ah well 😦

    Hmmm, I’ve seen the cover of Anna and the French Kiss floating around, but haven’t read any reviews yet. Now, I’m curious though 🙂

  2. I read the spoiler about J/D a while ago and was shocked and upset about it. However, as time went on, the shock lessened and I’m okay with it. I actually like the not HEA. I’m not a big fan of HEA. After reading the spoiler, I’m thinking I have to read the book now. Unlike most of the Dear Author readers, I really liked Janelle. I thought she was a good role model of strength and integrity who could overcome the raw hand she was dealt in life. This is very different in real life where most people moan that their mommy or daddy didn’t love them enough so that is why they turn out the way they do. boohoo hoo. Anyway, I am a fan of Anne Bishop and while I’m sad that favourite characters die, I’ll like to enjoy the pain of loss. I’d rather an author cause me to feel something intense rather than just another HEA. I’ll let you know what I think after I read the book. And since it appears I’ll never be a ARC reader like Dear Author, it may take a while. 🙂

  3. Nath – You know, I still haven’t finished the Cassie/Gray/Theran books, IIRC. I think the last Black Jewels book I really liked was the previous short story collection.

    I accept the author has the right to write the story they want and she obviously wanted to explore that avenue, but equally, readers have the right to decide whether to buy the book or not… and I’m veering towards not at the moment.

    Lacrimsonfemme – I didn’t feel that strongly about Janelle one way or other. It’s Daemon and Lucivar, and by extension, their relationships and HEAs, that I’m more invested in, and I wanted their HEAs to stay that way, dammit 😉

    Reading Jia’s review & comments, it sounds as though one of the issues she had with this story was that it was too short to do the plot full justice. I would be keen to read more opinions on this, I suppose we’ll have to wait until the book’s actually available!

  4. It is really all about Daemon and Lucivar. I like them both and would enjoy to read a little more about their, er hem, “roughness” in their intimacy. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind a few nights with Satean either. Whew. If all 3 males were real, think of the possibilities! How many females could survive it? I don’t think I could. I’d probably keel over if I was in a room with all three. 😉

  5. I just read the spoilers over at Dear Author. I had also hoped that there would be a further Cassidy book. I usually try to avoid spoilers but I am glad I read these. I think if I hadn’t read them and had picked the book up in hardback I would have been a little annoyed maybe? It’s difficult to comment without having read the actual book, but going by the spoilers I think I’d rather wait for the pback.

    Lol – and I know what you mean about Ivan, as soon as I read there would be a book about him it made me smile. And also made me immediately think about kitten trees.

  6. Lacrimsonfemme – LOL! I think Anne Bishop built a really strong compelling world with the men and the danger they represent, yet with women holding the upper hand in society. I think it’s that contrast that really appeals to me.

    LesleyW – Yep, just saw your post as well. I probably would have been appalled to come across that storyline without any warning, so yes, spoilers in this case were useful.

    And oh dear, on another note, kitten trees were exactly what came to my mind! “Cetaganda” is one of my favourite Bujolds and that scene is completely typical Ivan.

  7. You still haven’t finished it, Li? LOL. Well I’m still waiting for you for the buddy review! Just kidding 😛 I say just start over 🙂

    What you say is totally right, Li. The author has a right to take any direction she wants, and we have a right not to buy the book… which is probably what’s going to happen. Also, Anne Bishop is not romance… so I guess it makes it more okay… but boy, that was gutsy of her…

    You know, it feels like Ms Bishop came back to the Black Jewels world because her new world didn’t work as well, most probably because her fans were still hung up on the Black Jewels world. At least, that’s how I feel… this time though, she’s effectively shutting that door 😛

  8. Nath – I may have to start from the beginning again! Honestly can’t remember where I got to, it has been a while. I just wasn’t clicking with those books.

    Gutsy? Totally. I’m hoping she does a couple of interviews closer to the release date to talk about why she wrote this story and if her intention was to say goodbye to the Black Jewels world.

    Her Sebastian/Belladonna books actually felt like watered-down Black Jewels books to me, so I’m curious to see what she writes next.

  9. And her series before that, the Pillars of Alan-Dirr or something like that were the reversal of her Black Jewels trilogy, where the women were the targets… but yeah, interviews would be a good idea 🙂

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